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Friday, April 21, 2017

vacation vibes only.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I brought our pool floats (Felicia & her cupcake) out of hiding, thus declaring it the unofficial start of summer. Plenty of you were quick to tell me it's not, in fact, summer, and that some of you still have snow on the ground, and I'm sorry you're having to deal with that kind of negativity in your life. My condolences. 

This is Felicia! It looks like they didn't make the cupcake one again this year, so may I suggest the giant popcorn instead?

But here, it is summer. 90 degrees and sunny summer. No really, that's today's forecast. We've got a little beach vacation coming up in a few weeks and I could not be more excited. But, like I blogged about last month, one of my goals for this year is to make my life seem more like a vacation. And being one week out from my birthday (where I started those goals), I have to's going pretty good. 

So if you want to join me in chasing after the vacation life, I've got some suggestions for you. Starting with these giant floats. 

When the pool float first had a big comeback, I remember saying to Chris, "What adult is going to pay $25 for a floatie?" Me. I am. And just a little update: Worth every penny. Bonus: It's fun to float on them with Jack, who happens to think giant flamingos are hilarious. 

Not pictured: GIANT margarita pool float. If you don't think I'm adding this one to my lineup, you don't know me.

You also probably definitely need one of these babes. Because if you're going to have a cooler, why not make it easy to carry and also adorable? I have the one pictured (duh) and I can vouch that it works. 

Happy Friday! I'm off to the pool with my giant flamingo and cooler bag full of LaCroix. Because if that isn't the most perfect real life (pretend) vacation day, then I don't know what is. 
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

I Always Want to Remember 2017: Part 4.

Even if you don't have a blog of your own, I highly recommend looking through all the pictures on your phone once a month. We live in a very cool age of technology where it's easy to just snap a picture and put our phone back in our pocket, but that means lots of pictures (and memories) are just forgotten. Looking back on the month via iPhone pictures reminds me of all the good parts, and I think you should do the same. 

Jack was "in" his first wedding (I say that in quotations because, like I've already told you, he declined to actually be in the wedding once we got there). It was a little bit of a drive away so we were letting him run around after we parked, and all he wanted to do was pick up all the leaves and hand them to Chris. It was precious. 

At least his outfit was cute, though. Priorities. 

The wedding ended with this sunset. Can you imagine a better send-off?

We found a tiny little fake beach town just an hour away from Gainesville and spent the day there.

Obsessed with those cheeks. And those unfair lashes that he will never ever appreciate. 

Jack's first experience with sno-cones. He has since had a second experience with a much happier expression. 

Chris took me shopping for my birthday (which is all I ever want to do on my birthday, anyone else?) and it was hilarious to me to see Jack running around "shopping" for himself. 

We also went back to my favorite, favorite restaurant in Orlando. And yes, I let my kid play with my phone. Desperate times. 

The bench again, because SO TINY.

^This is Sam, my residency friend I've talked about. She took me out for my birthday since Chris had to work. We tried to take so many pictures with Jack, and they all turned out blurry like this. But they still make me happy. 

I view my birthday as the unofficial start to summer each year. This week, we broke out the pool floats and blew them up, which I view as the official start to summer. 

What do you always want to remember about this month?
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Being Here, Now, in This Moment.

Sometimes, I hate residency. The long hours, the nights and weekends that I have to spend by myself, the inability to plan anything, the difficulty in explaining to people why I can't commit to things ahead of time.

But it doesn't matter if I love or hate it, because it's just life right now. 

Sometimes, I'm thankful for residency. I'm thankful for the city it brought us to, for the friends I would have never met otherwise. I'm thankful that my life partner is getting to do exactly what he wants to do with his life, I'm thankful for all the ways it's made me grow as a person. 

But it doesn't matter if I love or hate it, it's still just life right now. 

It's still just life. It still passes 24 hours at a time. Good days and bad days alike, hateful days and thankful days just the same. 

When Chris was nearing med-school graduation and we were nearing becoming parents, we sat down and talked about the next step. We didn't know where we'd be moving yet, or what life would look like with him in residency with a baby in the mix. But we decided that whatever the answer was, we were going to treat life like life. 

By that, I mean that we were going to just live life like normal people, not count down to the next step, or view each month or year as a phase. Because 1) That'll drive you crazy, and 2) It will make you miss out on a lot of good, too. 

It's not always easy to just live in the now, to view stressful situations as just another part of life, to choose to just live and enjoy the day to the fullest. And by not easy, I mean I fail at it at least once a week. But I'm working on it. 

I'm working on it because if I was busy counting down for the hard seasons to be over, I might have missed out on how some of the hard days were sunny and warm and perfect for spending by the pool and hey, actually pretty good days. If I was busy wishing time by faster I might have missed how much a gift it is to get to spend so much time with Jack, or how residency friendships are actually pretty great. 

I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this.

If you're busy counting down the days until you can leave your job, you might miss out on enjoying the good things. Maybe your schedule is flexible or your co-workers are great or some other small thing that you don't yet know you'll miss at your next job, but you will. Don't miss out on enjoying it right now. 

If you're busy wishing time away so you can finally move out of your tiny apartment, you might miss out on how great the view of the sunrise is out your window, or how easy your commute is, or how many of your favorite food places deliver to you. 

If you're busy counting down until you finally graduate or finally get married or finally have a baby or finally have another baby or finally land your dream job or finally save enough for a vacation or finally pay off your loans or finally settle will miss so much good in between. Good days in between the bad ones, good months in between the hard ones, good years that are disguised as tough ones. 

I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this. So let's work on it together. 

Let's work on being here, now, in this moment. Good or bad, hard or easy, loved or hated. 

Because, after all, it's still just life right now. And life is worth living. 
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Monday, April 17, 2017

My Heart is Full.

My birthday was Friday and Chris had to work (BOO), so my friend Sam spent the day with me. We laid by the pool and drank entirely too many LaCroixs and went out for some really good pad thai. Then I let my blogger freak flag fly and pulled out my tripod because we actually looked presentable and wanted a picture together. (I use this tripod and this remote. Highly recommend!)

Side note: If you are in a situation similar to me when it comes to having a partner in residency, the absolute best advice I can give you is to find someone else in that situation too. I hope you're lucky like me and have friends and family who will try their best to understand, but there's something to be said for someone who understands because it's their life, too. It is such a gift. 

After dinner, we went for ice cream and there was a baby-sized bench. If it happens to go missing, I definitely did not steal it because of how cute Jack looks sitting on it. Why would you ask me that?

I spent the entirety of Saturday in the sunshine by the pool. If you've been around me any period of time, you know this is my ideal day. The water is finally not completely freezing warm enough to swim if 1) you let yourself get hot enough, or 2) you're a one-year-old with no fear of cold water. 

We need to talk about this kid's side-eye. 

Jack adds joy to my life on a daily basis, but there are just no words for how much joy he adds to things like Easter. Watching him dig into his Easter basket and throw his eggs all around just filled my heart to the brim. 

Jack really surprised me with how much he understood! I thought we'd get some cute pictures of him, but he was really into picking the eggs up and putting them in his basket. It was adorable.

It was a really great weekend with all my favorite people and my heart is full. The perfect kick-off to a new year of life. 

How was your weekend?

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Friday, April 14, 2017

More Flamingos, More LaCroix, More Sunshine.

Today is my birthday! I tend to treat my birthday as a new year's day of sorts, with goals and reflection and stuff like that. I usually write a post about what I learned last year or what I hope to learn this year or my goals or dreams, etc, etc. 

While I know life is so precious and every year is a rare gift, I'm not too sad to see the door shutting on 24. Much like we all seemed to feel about 2016, 24 was a doozy for me in a lot of ways, so I'm not too sad to see it go and get to start a new year. 

24 brought me a new city that I love, a house that I love, some great new friends that I love. I got to spend 365 days with my new little BFF who turned into the coolest one-year-old there's ever been. It was a year full of new, good things. It gave me a lot, but I'm not sad that it's over. And I think that's a really good place to be. 

As for 25, I hope it's full of more. 

More flamingos. More LaCroix. More sunshine. More pool days and good books. More iced coffee. More sunsets, more vacations. More bright colors. More good movies and good friends. More happiness. More best friends and family time. More pure joy. More target runs. More beach days. 

I hope you join me in having a really great year full of all of more of your favorite things. Because life is too short for anything else. 

Note: I had to stop several times writing this because I couldn't remember if I was turning 25 or have already been 25 or if maybe I was turning 24? The year is off to a great start, guys. Cheers. 
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

If We Were Having Coffee...

I'd tell you that My birthday is Friday, and I told Chris I wanted new makeup. More specifically, I wanted to go have someone teach me how to do my makeup and tell me exactly what to buy while he took care of Jack. It was the longest I have been alone in forever and it was bliss. I love Jack, but trying to pick out makeup while holding a toddler is kind of a nonstarter, you know? 

I asked the girl doing my makeup if there was any way she could make me look like I just stepped off the set of a Victoria's Secret fashion show and then show me how to look like that every day and she didn't even laugh so she's obviously my new favorite person on this earth. 

If we were having coffee, I'd ask what your plans are for celebrating Easter. I'm so excited for Jack to see his Easter basket, since his first Easter he was only two months old and didn't care a single bit. 

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you I started another 30 days Yoga with Adriene challenge (highly recommend). I'm on day 5 and I remembered that the first time I did one of these, I literally could not hold a plank for more than 3 seconds and it would make me feel so bad about myself. Now I can, and it's awesome. A little bit every day adds up! I love yoga for lots of reasons, but one big one being that it's the first thing I've ever done where I can really see myself getting stronger day by day. 

I'd also tell you that I have somehow ended up on some spammy email list and have been getting bombarded with requests for my bank account number (they just want to send me my inheritance!), offers of hot single girls of different ethnicities, and looooots of enhancement pill adds. I would also tell you that every time I see one of these, this is all I can think about: 

What's going on with you?

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We Need to Talk About Airplanes.

I started writing a coffee date post for today, then realized that I bizarrely had a lot to say about flights. So here we are.  

United. Oh man, this just keeps getting better. It's a bad week to be the CEO of United. Also, fun fact about the CEO: He apparently doesn't know how to apologize? I hope that doctor is a millionaire when this is over, but I also hope that we get to watch it play out a little bit first because PASS THE POPCORN. I truly cannot wait until the opportunity arises where I do something other than what I said I was going to do and someone calls me out on it, so I can respond and say, "I was simply re-accommodating you." Gold, people. Pure gold.

My friend Myra was harassed on an airplane...because her one-year-old was talking? She was very calm and mature about the whole situation and isn't raising a fuss now (like I really want to do), but something really great about what happened to her...people helped her. They switched seats and stood up for her and walked with her because that psycho waited for her when she got off the plane. 

Anyway, I say this because I know that sometimes, for me at least, when I see or overhear something like that happening, I tend to think, "the people who are in charge will take care of it. I don't want to be awkward and get in the way." In reality, being awkward and getting in the way can be the biggest help. I'm going to remember that. 

The last flight I took. I briefly posted this on Instagram stories when it happened but never expounded on it because when you've been stuck on a runway for three hours, you just want to go home. 

It was our last flight of the day and Jack was kind of quietly fussy the whole time, and the woman in front of me kept turning around and shushing him the whole flight. Then, our plane landed and for some unknown reason we just had to sit on the runway for hours with the plane (and air conditioner) turned off. So he got reaaaal fussy. And I didn't blame him! It was hot, I ran out of snacks and milk for him (it was supposed to just be an hour long flight!), he needed to be changed but we weren't allowed to get up. This apparently just pushed the woman in front of us over the edge so she got her phone out and started recording him. 

I am an extremely non-confrontational (read: scared) person and was afraid to say anything to her lest she get angry and yell at me for the remainder of the 839 years we were gonna be stuck on this runway. Luckily, I was flying with my little brother who is neither non-confrontational or scared. He leaned in really close to her phone and said, "Hello. I would just like to state something FOR THE RECORD. It's illegal to record someone without their knowledge." Which probably isn't even true but it scared her so much that she jolted and dropped her phone and stopped recording Jack. 

Your turn! Tell me your weird/good/horrible flight stories. 

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