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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dear Summer : A Love Letter.

Dear summer, 

It's no secret how much I've always adored you. Fall has my heart, and Christmas is my favorite, but you are just everything good. You're happiness and sunshine and laughter and beach days and just pure goodness. 

You've been such a gift already this year. You've been full of sunshine and pool days and sunkissed skin that gets more and more golden with every Friday that passes. 

You've been two-year-old laughter filling the air while Jack gets more and more confident splashing his way up and down the pool steps. 

You've been vacation, road trip plans, good music with the windows down. 

I love your beautiful, perfect golden hour, especially when it's accompanied by walking Jack around the block with a diet coke in my hand. 

I love how you make me feel alive. How you make me feel happy. How you make me feel young and vibrant and full of potential. I love how each day of you, while it may be filled with work and chores and responsibility, still feels like an adventure because there's the possibility of an hour at the pool, or an ice cream run, or a sunset walk. 

I love how you bring a sense of lightheartedness. Even the serious things don't feel quite as serious when you're around. 

I love how you bring people together. Spontaneous pool days, cookouts, vacation plans. You were made for those. 

I love how, even in the midst of chaos and broken things, you seem to find a way to remind us there is still good out there; there is still peace to be found. 

I'm so thankful to call Florida home and get to experience more of you than most people. 

Love you forever, summer. Stick around awhile, why don't you?

What has your summer been so far? 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Day in The Life (With a Toddler) (Send Help).

Back when I asked for topics anyone would like to see me write about, someone suggested I write a "day in the life" post. Now, while I will eventually write one of those, the day I got that suggestion just so happened to be the most INSANE day with Jack, so I couldn't miss the chance to write a funny one first. 

Now, while I will admit that all of these things did not happen on the same day, I DO want to point out they are all things that have absolutely happened recently. Also, I love being a mom. This is supposed to be funny. If you're going to be mean, leave me alone. Bye. 

4:00 AM || Wake up to the fridge alarm going off. I'm the only adult home, so this is slightly alarming (haha, get it?) I go into the kitchen to see Jack sitting amongst a graveyard of Reece's cup wrappers. He ate EIGHTEEN Reese's cups. E I G H T E E N. Clean things up, get him back to sleep, go back to bed. 

6:00 AM || Wake up to gagging noises. Realize the childproof handle on the pantry must not really be childproof, because Jack is currently emptying out what was a brand new jar of peanut butter. Wake all the way up just in time for him to throw that peanut butter up all over the bed and also on me. Jump out of the peanut butter filled bed, give him a bath, clean the carpet, and take a shower before a single cup of coffee is had. 

9:20 AM || Chase him around the house while he laughs hysterically, because for the third time today, he's gotten butt-naked minutes after I got him all the way dressed. Give up. We are a nudist home now. This is life.

10:00 AM || Get Jack settled in the den with a movie so I can conference into weekly staff meeting. Try my best to selectively hit "mute" so maybe the whole staff doesn't hear Jack banging on the locked door and sobbing like I just left him out in the desert to fend for himself.

10:03 AM || The screaming stops. Unmute when I'm asked a question, just in time for the wailing to pick back up. Say, "Oh no thank you, I'm fine!" When asked if I need to step away for a minute.
10:06 AM || Give up on the selective muting. All I'm doing is muting my answers. Stare deadpanned into the camera, daring anyone to say anything about the clearly distraught child on the other side of that door. 

11:15 AM || The sun is out. Take Jack outside to let him run some energy out / also work on my tan. Close eyes on hammock just in time to be startled by a male voice saying, "Um, is this yours?" Realize it's your neighbor on the other side of the fence, holding up a toy. Apologize. He holds up another toy. Apologize again as he proceeds to toss a pile of Jack's toys back into your yard. So Jack throws his toys over the fence now, that's fun.

1:45 PM || Realize Jack can now get on the counters. Find him standing on the stove, microwaving his milk. 

1:47 PM || While cleaning up from his countertop expedition, realize something smells bad. Like, poop bad. Check his diaper. It's clean. Chalk it up to bad gas and keep cleaning. 

1:49 PM || No, really. What is that smell? 


1:59 PM || Get allllll the cleaners out, because this sink has to be SANITIZED OKAY. 

2:13 PM || Finish cleaning just in time to catch Jack pouring window cleaner into the dog's bowl. Attempted murder? Perhaps. This is why I buy nontoxic cleaners. 

4:12 PM || Hear a man's voice. Even though my phone is password protected, somehow Jack has facetimed my coworker. 

6:34 PM || While I'm making Jack dinner, Jack is also making himself dinner. In the dog's bowl. He's poured a gallon of milk into Gatsby's food bowl and is trying to feed it to him with a spoon, like cereal. Gatsby is unappreciative, probably due to the earlier attempt on his life.

9:32 PM || He falls asleep, I put him to bed. I'd planned on tackling my to-do list once he fell asleep, but it's not happening. I last about ten minutes before I also collapse into bed. 

10:14 PM || Wake up to a hand on my face. For the first time, Jack's figured out that he can come get in bed with me at night.  Think, oh my gosh, I am literally with him 24/7 now. There is nothing more exhausting than this in the whole freaking world.  

10:22 PM || He rolls over, pats my head, and says, "mama." Think oh my gosh, there is nothing better than this in the whole freaking world. 

Parenthood is weird, y'all. 

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Friday, June 15, 2018

What True Friendship Looks Like Right Now.

Life is made up of lots of different seasons we travel through. As our seasons change, what true friendship looks like changes. Some seasons call for space, some seasons call for an almost-roommate of a friend. Some seasons need extra support, some seasons need more lightheartedness. Some seasons need spontaneity, some need stability. 

I am extremely, extremely blessed to have some true friends in this season of my life. 

Right now, this is what true friendship looks like: 

It looks like acting like me inviting you over is the most fun thing you could have imagined for a Friday night (I know it's not) because I'm solo-parenting and couldn't get a babysitter. It's pretending you don't notice how messy my house is, and then rolling your eyes and saying you don't care when I point it out. 

It's facetime dates. Lots of those. It's understanding that sometimes you just have to blow my phone up before I'll call you back. It's lots of missed calls and texts and not getting too mad when I take twelve business days to respond to your text. 

It's understanding that no matter how much I love the idea of being spontaneous, this season of life takes so much planning. It's still inviting me to things you know I probably won't be able to swing because you don't want to leave me out, and it's trying to plan things in advance so I can secure childcare. 

It's reminding me of how important my dreams are, and nudging me to follow them when I stall or say I'm too busy. 

It's listening to me talk about how I want to be healthier and then not judging me when all I want for dinner is Publix fried chicken. 

It's checking in when I go a little quiet. It's taco bell runs and juice cleanses. It's saying "I'm here for you." It's pool days and Netflix nights. It's sticking it out through the ups and downs, because that's life. It's deep and it's fun. 

It's such a gift. 

What does true friendship look right now in this stage of your life? 
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Amazon Favorites Lately

Does anybody else remember when we used Amazon primarily to buy books? Textbooks, mostly? What did we even do? Where did we even buy our things? 

I'm just going to level with you. I love shopping. I love malls and Marshall's and Ross and Ulta and all of it. However, Jack has entered a very non-shopping-friendly stage if it's just him and I. So being able to get the things I want online is pretty magical. What a time to be alive, you know?

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I honestly think this is the best thing you can buy on Amazon. I've raved about it before, so I won't go into it now, but it's cheap, it works, and it lasts forever. I'll always have a jar of this.

This bikini. At under $15 for a top and a bottom, I'm a fan. It's cute, true to size, and I'll be wearing it all year. Also, side note: For some reason the link now says "thong bikini" in the description?? I assure you, it is not. 

This foam roller. It's five dollars and makes ending a workout way more enjoyable because it ensures I can actually move my body the next day.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Worth every single bit of the hype. Dab a little bit of this on any upcoming breakouts before you go to sleep, wake up to them almost gone. It's magical. 

Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement. A glass of this before bed and I sleep so much better. 

What's your favorite thing you've bought on Amazon lately?

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Take a Risk, You Deserve It.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine found a listing for what was very close to her dream job. She was under qualified, and she wasn't really looking for a job, but still. Her dream job. 

We talked for days about whether she was going to apply or not. Could it hurt to just try? Wouldn't it be embarrassing when they saw she wasn't exactly the type of candidate they were looking for? But wouldn't she regret letting this opportunity pass without trying? 

After a few days of talking about all the reasons it was a bad idea, she went for it. She cleaned up her resume, wrote a cover letter, and put herself out there. 

Within an hour (I'm not kidding - a single hour), they'd emailed her back and let her know her qualifications weren't enough for the job. 

She took a risk. She wasn't successful. But it was still worth it.

Because you know what? Her resume is updated. She realized she was excited about the possibility of a new job. She now knows rejection doesn't kill her.  And the next time she comes across a risk worth taking, it'll be easier. 

Taking a risk doesn't have to pan out to be worth it. 

Go to a new workout class that you very well may embarrass yourself in. Or, that you very well may fall in love with. 

Ask someone on a date. Really, do it. They might say no, or you might have the best night of your life.

Apply for that job. You may be underqualified, or you may land yourself a dream job. 

If nothing else - even if you fail spectacularly and nothing good ever comes from it - it's a reminder that you can take risks. That you're alive and moving forward and not stagnant. 

 Take a risk. You deserve it. 
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Friday, June 8, 2018

Be Happy in This Moment, For This Moment is Your Life.

Be happy in this moment, for this moment is your life. 

I saw this on a sign when I was visiting a friend in another city in October. We were spending the day laughing and shopping and when I saw it, I thought about how happy I felt in that moment. I snapped a picture of it and saved it to my favorites, because I wanted to remember it. 

I keep it saved in my favorites, because it's so true. And my moments aren't always laughing and shopping and having the best day with old friends. But they're still making up my life. What is life but a bunch of moments all strung together? 

Be happy in the hard moments, because they're making up your life. 

Be happy in the good moments, because they're making up your life.

Be happy in the mundane moments, because they're making up your life. 

Sometimes (lots of times) a day ends and I fall into bed, so exhausted, and think, what even was today? And when I think back over the day, it was a lot of stressful moments and messy moments and seemingly unspecial moments. But you know what? Those moments made up my day, and those days make up my life, and they're worth being happy in, no matter how messy or unspecial they may seem, because my life is worth being happy in. 

Some moments happiness comes right to you without you even making an effort, and some moments require a whole heck of a lot of effort to find a smidge of happiness. 

That effort is worth it. 

Because this is your life. 

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that things have to be perfect to be happy. Don't get so lost in curated Instagram feeds and magazine covers to think that if your moments aren't bright and colorful and perfectly posed that they aren't worth enjoying. They're worth enjoying because they make up your life, and your life is worth being happy over. 

Be happy in this moment, for this moment is your life. 
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

High-Wasited Shorts Round-Up.

Me and high-waisted shorts are having quite the love affair at the moment. 

Unfortunately (I mean, not really unfortunately, because, money), I do most of my shopping secondhand (Sandy's is LIFE) or on sale, and those things are nearly impossible to provide links for.

So I thought I'd do the next best thing and do a round-up of shorts that I would 100% wear, if I don't already own them. With the exception of the first pair, they're all under $30, and if you're anything like me, you'll wear them all summer (ahem, year) long.

If you click on the individual pictures, it'll take you to the link for those shorts and make all your high-waisted shorts dreams come true (Or something like that, anyway).

Click away! Happy shopping, friends! 

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