Monday, September 15, 2014

Something Special.

You guys.

It's been quite the week.

I have a lot of adjectives (and honestly, some expletives) that I'd like to put in front of that word, but we'll just keep it simple and say it's been a week. And I was really looking forward to a fresh start today.

So, I wake up early enough to write out my to-do list for the day, because being able to do that before work just makes all the difference. I have an extra cup of coffee. I start the new She Reads Truth plan. I am on it. 

And then I go to leave for work.

Annnndddd my car won't start.

So I ask a two or three people passing me if they can jump my car, and they say no. Which is totally fine--it's a Monday, we're all busy and trying to get to work. But then I wait by my car for thirty minutes and ask people to help me. And it wasn't just that they said no, because I totally get it. I probably wouldn't help a stranger if it was going to make me late either. So that wasn't what upset me, it was the way everyone said no.

"Do I look like I have time to help you?" 

"Nope--gotta go."

"Sorry, I don't have jumper cables." "Oh, I have jumper cables." "Sorry, I don't have a car." Proceeds to walk to his car.

"I seriously don't have time for this today." 

Okay, I get it. Everyone is busy. No one is obligated to help me. But seriously...a simple "I'm sorry, I don't have enough time. But good luck!" Or anything like that would have just made my morning a lot better.

So I do what anyone would do in this situation and cry and call my mom and decide that people are the worst.

Then I go back inside, in a much worse mood than I came out with. I'm waiting on the elevator and thinking about how people are the worst ever, and how everyone who just refused to help me has a black heart and I wonder how they would like it if their car wouldn't start when they were on their way to work and blah blah blah. 

This older man walks up just as the elevator dings, and he motions for me to go in front of him.

"It's elevator etiquette, you were here first." 

I made a joke about how elevator etiquette is so awkward and I never know what to do and he said, "You're a lady, you should always go first. 

Then we rode up in awkward elevator silence. When we got to his floor, he turned and waved to me and said, "It's a Monday. Make it something special." 

And just like that, my day got a lot better. Just because a little old mad took the time to remind me that Mondays should be special.

We should all remember that our words and actions--no matter how small--can totally change someone's day. So be a little kinder than you feel like being. Choose to say something nice instead of something snarky. Just be nice, you know? It makes a difference.

It's a Monday. Make it something special. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy to be Alive, Because: Dog Days & Fall Candles.

1. ^^That was the view I had while drinking my coffee yesterday morning. Not too shabby. 

2. This. Gatsby had a sleepover with his best friend, Goose, and they clearly had a lot to talk about. Gatsby thinks he weighs about 100 pounds, and Goose thinks he weighs about five. They make a good little team. 

3. This tweet:

It seriously made my day. Thanks, Jenna! 

4. It's been a really long few weeks.  Life has been really good, but I also feel like there's just been bad news after bad news after bad news. So this morning, I'm having an extra cup of coffee and spending extra time snuggling with this guy before I tackle my to-do list. It's the little things. 

5. Fall Candles are burning. My pumpkin decorations are going out today. And I may even squeeze in a trip to Hobby Lobby. Life is good in the fall, my friends. 

What made you happy to be alive this week?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spending Your September: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through This Month.

You have twenty days left in September. The only September 2014 there will ever, ever be. How will you spend them? I've got some suggestions.

1. Go for a walk. Enjoy the last bit of summertime weather.

2. Break out some pumpkin decorations. You know you want to.

3. Watch Elizabethtown. It's on Netflix instant-watch and it's the perfect fall movie.

4. Try your hand at a homemade pumpkin spice latte. 

5. Buy the 5-pack of pumpkin candles at Wal-Mart. It's ten dollars for five candles and your house will smell like a fall wonderland.

6. Sit down with a cup of coffee and journal about what you want this fall to look like. What are your dreams for September and October and November? What do you hope happens? What do you want to accomplish? Write it all down.

7. Start a Bible reading plan. This is a good place to start.

8. Spend a day listening to music that is totally abnormal for you. Ask a friend who has polar-opposite tastes for some recommendations.

9. Start a fall Pinterest board.

10. Plan a completely homemade date night. For your date, your best friend, your spouse, or just yourself. Cook an appetizer, meal, and dessert from scratch. (The fall pinterest board will help here!) Enjoy your hard work. Leave the dishes for the morning.

11. Push yourself at least once. Workout for two minutes longer than you thought was possible. Stay up later so you can be productive. Go a whole day without soda. Just do it.

12. Watch a sunrise. Welcome the day with coffee in hand.

13. Watch a sunset. Toast the day with champagne in hand.

14. Take a day off and don't check your email one. single. time.

15. Curl up in bed and watch the pilot of a show you've never seen before. Bonus points if you make popcorn. NOTE: I have several recommendations for this. Holla atcha girl if you need some.

16. Listen to an audiobook while you clean your house. Ditto on the recommendations.

17. Make someone's day. With a love note, a cup of coffee, surprise flowers, anything. It's pretty cool knowing someone is going to have a much better day because of you.

18. Write something creative. A story, a poem, a song. You never have to show anyone, but use your imagination and make some pretty words happen.

19. Remind someone you love of your favorite memory with them. Pick up the phone and reminisce.

20. Say something positive about yourself out loud. To yourself, your dog, the mailman. Doesn't matter. Just use your own words to remind yourself of how awesome you really are.

How are you spending your September? 

Monday, September 8, 2014

10 Lies that Every Girl, Ever, Tells Herself.

I can totally save money by buying these off-brand razors. Only a dollar? Great. My skin will definitely adapt. 

Sleeping with my hair in a bun won't be an issue at all when I wake up tomorrow. 

I'll just have a kale salad for dinner. No dressing. Kale has superpowers and will fill me up for the next six hours. I most definitely will not be ordering late night pizza in shame. Nope. 

I don't need to wash my hair. This dry shampoo is going to make it look like I spent three hours fixing my hair this morning, and I got to sleep in. Boom. 

I can quit coffee anytime I want to. Diet Coke? I could give that up.

Taking a Netflix break will definitely inspire me to work hard for the rest of the day. Just one episode. 

I can totally rock this trendy, very unlike me look. Kimono? Baggy jeans? Done and done. I look fantastic. I do look fantastic, right? 

My mom will totally give me an unbiased opinion about whether or not I look fantastic in said trends.  I'll just text her a pic real quick for a completely honest answer. 

I will be so happy with my decision to chop all my hair off. #NOREGRETS. 

This juice cleanse will make me feel so healthy. I love fruit and lemonade, there's no way this could go wrong!

What are some other lies we tell ourselves?

Friday, September 5, 2014

big dreams & big lists & big plans: printable to-do lists.

I am an incredibly messy person in most areas of life, but I love organization. I love planners and printables, and I live and die by to-do lists.

For whatever reason, fall always makes me feel super creative and motivated and I want to organize and plan all of the things, ever. My happy place is somewhere with a pumpkin spice latte and a blank to-do list and lots of pretty pens.

In case you're feeling some similar magic, here are some to-do list templates to help keep your September on track.



You can download them all HERE.

Cheers to a month full of big dreams & big lists & big plans.

Does the fall motivate you to get organized? 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

H A P P Y S E P T E M B E R .

h e l l o   f a l l .

hello to sipping on something pumpkin or apple flavored every morning.

hello to celebrating a new season.

hello to oranges and reds and yellows.

hello to spending more time outside.

hello to decorating my tiny little home with scarecrows and owls.

hello to pumpkin candles, coffee, and cakes galore.

hello to a season of new dreams and new adventures.

hello to feeling extra inspired, organized, and in love with life.

What are you saying hello to today?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy to be Alive, Because: 3 Day Weekends & Pumpkin Season.

1. I mean, It's a three-day weekend. Those are always extremely welcome.

2. I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season this week! My husband dropped me off at a store and told me to buy clothes and then waited in line for 30 minutes at starbucks. So he wins all of the awards, ever.

3. Gatsby's birthday was yesterday. We bought him a new toy and sang him happy birthday like twelve times. Totally normal.

4. I'm taking my first ever barre class today! I'm kind of terrified but also super excited. I've been told you won't be able to walk after your first class, but that doesn't really interfere with my plans to park it by the pool all weekend.

5. It's the last weekend of summer. Unofficially, but still. I always start fall on the first week of September. And don't give me the "but it's still summer, it's still so warm" business, because I live in Florida and it's going to be pool weather until Christmas. And I would like to have fall before then.

So cheers to sending summer off with a bang this weekend! And then moving on to pumpkin everything.

What made you happy to be alive this week?