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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

you are enough.

"Sometimes I really do hate myself"

"I wish I had a thigh gap"

"One day, I will look like _______"

"Why can't I just be better?"

These are all things I have seen on my twitter feed in the past two hours. 

It breaks my heart to see anyone, especially young women, be so insecure.

We live in a world constantly bombarding us with subtle {and not so subtle} messages on a daily basis.

Even if they are not verbally vocalized.

be skinnier. 
be stronger.  
speak up more. 
be quieter. 
be softer. 
be more tough. 
work harder. 
be smarter. 
buy this so you can be more ____.
be more like her. 
be more like him. 
you are not enough. 
you are not enough. 
you are not enough. 

Little whispers that constantly surround, mock, and overwhelm.
You hear them while watching TV, driving down the road, getting on instagram.
They are everywhere.
And they are lies.
I will say that again:
They are nothing more than lies. 

Stop buying into the lies that say you are not enough. 

You were fearfully and wonderfully made.
You were created uniquely, and with a purpose.
You aren't meant to be more like ____, you are meant to be you. 
There is no reason to chase anything else other than the best version of yourself.
Because you are enough. 

And when you don't believe that, you do the one who created you a major disservice.

Love yourself.
Sometimes it's hard.
And that's sad, because it shouldn't be.
But you have to love yourself.
Because there is one who loves you far more than you could ever imagine, and I think that it must absolutely break His heart to see that you don't believe you are enough.
To see that your time is taken up wishing you were someone else, striving to be different than you are.

Embrace who you are, for you were made that way for a reason. For a purpose.  For a destiny that only you can fulfill.

You are not merely okay. 
You will not do. 
You are not simply average. 

You are enough.
You are more than enough.
Live your life believing that, because you are worth it.
Because you are enough.


  1. This was written so beautifully.

    "Because you are enough. And when you don't believe that, you do the one who created you a major disservice." -- That hit me. It's so true.

    I'm glad I ran into your blog. It's lovely.

    xo, Charlene

  2. we've just discovered your blog and love your posts! You have such a way with words. Keep up the great work hun

  3. this is a wonderful post. love this one.

  4. I often find myself caught up in the "more this," and "more that." One thing that always brightens up my perspective is when I think about who I was even only five years ago versus who I am today. I like myself much better today than I did back then. That means I've made some progress! Makes me feel good to think about that.
    I also like to find one constant in my life, one good choice that I've made and bring up the memory whenever I'm feeling down. It's a reminder that even if I'm not "more this," or "more that," at least I've got one thing right!

    Sue // Chevron & Lace

  5. Yes! So important for us to hear over and over again, until we actually let this truth be our truth.

  6. great post! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  7. This is beautiful! Thanks for finding me so that I could find you. :)

  8. I just read found your blog nd its amazing!!!! wonderful post

  9. I just stumbled on your blog today and absolutely love this post. We need to hear this more often; thank you for the encouragement! Looking forward to following along with you :)


  10. wow this is beautifully said. definitely sharing this because every girl needs to know.


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