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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who do you think Jesus is?

Or, more aptly, what do you think Jesus is like?

I think so many people have a perception of God, big and angry, sitting on a throne in heaven just waiting for the opportunity to strike us down with lighting bolts of wrath whenever we mess up.


I’ll admit that I sometimes catch myself thinking of Jesus in same terms I would think of a mythical creature: distant, unattainable, and far away.  But that’s just not true.

Last week was a rough week for me.  My husband went back to medical school, which was a drastic change to the amazing summer we just spent together.  I was feeling lonely and a little sorry for myself, and two of my best friends from college came to visit me. 
It was such a great feeling to see them.  To know that when I was feeling sad and bummed out on life, I had people who were there for me that I could talk to.
So we talked.  We talked about life and our dreams and our heartache.  We laughed and vented and told sad stories over bacon dip and the wine that costs four dollars at publix.
And do you know what that is?  That is love.  Friends that band together and just experience life for a minute.  Are sad for a minute.  Are happy for a minute.  Just live for a minute.  That is friendship, and that is love.

Jesus?  He is my friend.

And in moments like this weekend, I remember it even more. 
He’s always here, of course.  But in moments where I experience such a pure form of friendship, I am reminded of how that is exactly who Jesus is.  He loves me relentlessly.  He is not sitting around, waiting on me to mess up.  He is waiting on me to accept His friendship.  He beckons me into a relationship with Him, but not one of rules and punishments, as we so often think.  But rather, one of life.  One of discussion.  One of late night talks about dreams and heartache, lost chances and hopes for the future.  I may not know a lot, but I can confidently say I truly believe that is the kind of friend Jesus is. 

And if he was here in person, I think He would have been at my girl’s night.  He wouldn't have been sitting in the corner, scowling and waiting on us to mess up.  Instead, I think He would have laughed along and had a glass of wine with us.  He would have listened to our sad stories and given us advice on life, telling us not to worry.  He would have hurt along with us as we hurt, and rejoiced over our small victories with us.  Because that's just the kind of God that He is.  

Jesus is a friend, you guys.  I'm sorry if that's not the version of Jesus you were introduced to, but let me tell you from first-hand experience:  He is the best friend you could ever have. 

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  1. Beautiful. Jesus is my best friend - wouldn't still be standing without Him.

  2. Awww I LOVE this!! You are so right!

  3. This is our life. Get on our level.

  4. This is our life. Get on our level.

  5. This is our life. Get on our level.

  6. So true! Thanks for sharing. I love this.

  7. I love this. Sometimes little moments like that can be the perfect reminder of God and His love for us :) Great post!

  8. I agree completely. I think the "scary" image of God and Jesus has come from years of fire-and-brimstone preaching and parenting. My parents used God as a sort of threat. You know how parents will tell their kids, around Christmas time, that they had better behave because Santa Claus is watching? Because Santa saw that, and he might not bring them anything this year? That's how God was during the rest of the year at our house. You had better not do this or that because God is watching. I wasn't taught to have a relationship with Jesus.

  9. Just stumbled on your blog....I couldn't agree more!! He is my friend too and I can't imagine not knowing of his unconditional love and kindness. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Just love your blog and heart, girl! This is so beautiful.


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