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Monday, October 28, 2013

On Halloween.

Usually when an issue has strong sides, I like to write about it.  There's just a little bit of a rush knowing you have an opinion that so many other people either share or vehemently disagree with.  I don't know, it's a writer thing.  But I really hate controversy so please be nice to me. 

If you've read my blog before, you probably know I am a Christian--I haven't tried to hide that at all.  That doesn't mean that I only write about church and it doesn't mean that I only read blogs written by other Christians and it doesn't mean that I only hang out with people who share the same beliefs that I do.

It also doesn't mean that I don't celebrate Halloween.

I've seen several articles and blogs posted this week about how Halloween is evil.  It was evil, it is evil, and it will always be evil.  If you are going to be participating in Halloween, by golly, you are participating in evil whether you think so or not.

That makes me really sad.

I love Halloween traditions.  I love carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating and dressing up and celebrating with family and friends.  I am no stranger to the controversy it brings--growing up I had friends that weren't allowed to participate in Halloween because, by their understanding, it was evil and walking around with a bucket of candy while dressed as your favorite character was basically worshiping satan.  Freaky stuff for a seven year old.

{I will insert here that it drives me crazy when people say they "do not believe in Halloween."  No, you don't agree with Halloween, not you don't believe in it.  Halloween is a date on the calendar.  It exists.  I don't believe in Mondays, yet we seem to meet every week.  So I have yet to see that logic work.}

I do not argue that Halloween started with some dark stuff and that some terrible things have gone down on Halloween in the history of Octobers.  But that doesn't mean it still has to be like that.

It started out as some evil day.  So what?  Did you know that some Easter traditions started out as sacrifices to some crazy god of fertility?  And that Jesus wasn't actually born on December 25th?


Yet I still celebrate those days because they have turned into days that are so important to be because they are days that celebrate things important to my faith.

Whether you agree with Halloween or not, it exists.  And it is fantastic. And it has turned into something good.

It is a day full of fun.  It is a chance for parents to spend time with their kids.  It is a chance to get to know your neighbors.  It is a chance to do really fun fall things and hang out with your friends.  It is a chance to experience life. 

When I was thinking about this, I tried to think about what I think Jesus would do if he was around.  And I just can't picture Jesus locking the doors to His house and shutting the porch light off and closing the blinds, condemning everyone because Star Wars costumes and carving pumpkins are evil.  I can't imagine Him teaching others to pray that their unsaved friends would come to them and start a conversation with them, and then lock the door on them when they did.  My friend Jesus, He wouldn't do that.

So please don't do that.

I understand that you may feel it is best for your family to not celebrate Halloween, and I respect that.  But please, please do not use it as an excuse to condemn others.  Please do not parade around and tell others that carving pumpkins and dressing up is evil.  Because it's not.  If I had to make a list of evil things, hands down being condescending, condemning others and blaming it on Jesus would be way above a jack-o-lantern.

Jesus came so that we could experience abundant life.  Not stiff, boring, fearful life.  Full, overflowing, abundant life.  You get to choose what kind of life you have 365 days of the year, and Halloween is just one of them.  Why not choose to make it full of life and family and friends and loving your neighbors--who will be out and talkative more than they will be most of the other year--rather than fearing death?  If you don't make that choice, then you are the one making Halloween evil for yourself.  If you yourself can be redeemed, don't you think a day can be redeemed?

I sure do.

Happy Halloween, friends.


  1. Chelsea, this is AMAZING. So well said! I completely, 100% agree with everything you just broke down. Way to be bold. :)

  2. Haha! I don't believe in Mondays either! Perfect comparison, I'm cracking up. I love Halloween. There are so many evil things in this world, but Halloween traditions aren't among them.

  3. girl! I did a post on this last year (why I celebrate halloween: ) and I do agree! I really want to be the light on this holiday - and the light in the neighborhood. I want to be the house where the kids want to come because they get good candy and a warm welcome. I think that the darkness of Halloween makes it even MORE important for Christians to be involved!!

  4. I love this! We always went trick-or-treating growing up and I loved it. My parents taught us firmly in the truth and Halloween for us was just a day to dress up, hang out with our friends, and get candy!

  5. such a great post! I had a room-mate this past halloween (he's gone now) that didn't 'believe' in Halloween. So when I had a little Halloween get together with friends, he hid up in his room and wouldn't come down. Seriously, it made no sense, haha. Oh well, to each their own I guess - as long as he doesn't lecture me about it, he's not hurting anyone!

  6. I'm actually really glad that you said this. I've read that a lot and I think it's out of hand. It seems like there's so many people that are one extreme or another. And honestly, Halloween is evil if you allow it to be evil. If you're participating in like devil-ish things that make you feel evil, than yes, it is. But dressing up? Scaring people? Being fun? Whatever. I agree COMPLETELY with you.

  7. So true, as always. Enjoy your Halloween.

  8. Love this post!! There are some religious traditions that make sense and others that are just really outdated to the point they're just unrealistic and impractical. Halloween is a great holiday so everybody should enjoy it :)

  9. I just love this - thank you for posting it. I'm a Christian, too, and I absolutely loved dressing up and trick-or-treating as a little girl. My parents just made sure we weren't dresses as witches or vampires ;) I think we can definitely enjoy the holiday as a day

  10. Love this post. This has been a major topic in my women's group. I 100% agree with you on this.

  11. Love this post. This has been a major topic in my women's group. I 100% agree with you on this.

  12. Great post! My church celebrates by putting on a "family festival" type thing where people can come, dress up with their families, get candy, and play games. It's always a lot of fun!


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