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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Giveaway.

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?  I hope so.  My house has turned into a winter wonderland, Christmas music has been on 24/7, and we've already watched Elf.  I'm pretty excited that there's been that much celebrating and it's only December 4th.  I'm telling you, I'm soaking up every single day this year. 

Speaking of the winter wonderland, Gatsby keeps destroying all the decorations he can reach.  I want to be mad at him, but then I look at him..

...Okay, okay have whatever you want.  You want to eat the decorations you can't reach?  Here, let me get them for you. 

I swoon. 

Anyway, in case you just haven't made it into the Christmas spirit yet, here's a little giveaway to help you get started.  Because what says Christmas quite like decorating your hair for the season? 

Some Pretty Lovely Littles goodies!

Five Christmas bows
Four Christmas wire headbands.  

Which, PS, are my new favorite thing because they make it look like you tried to fix your hair when you definitely didn't. 

Can't wait for the giveaway?  I don't blame you.  Go shopping! Use code "CHRISTMASTIME" for 40% off your order.  Merry Christmas! 

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  1. The whole atmosphere/ambiance/feeling of the Christmas season! I can't pick it apart, but it's the heater in the car and the warm mugs and the fires in the fireplace and the dark drives with Christmas lights all around... all the warm fuzzies.

  2. I love all the Christmas traditions! It's so funny how strongly I feel about them, too, for instance, I can't look at stockings in the store and think that they're cute because they're not right. They have to be home-made and it's even better if they're crocheted by your loving mother. Silly, I know, but it's tradition!

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

  3. My favorite thing is all the family time :) And all the delicious baking I do with my Mom :)

  4. The food and just general attitude about it!

  5. That face!! I give Hawkeye things too that she shouldn't have. Like she likes to tear up paper towels, and I have to clean up the pieces. But when one is in my hand and she gives me the face, I can't help it, I have to give it to her.

  6. Those bows are just absolutely precious! I would definitely find it hard to get mad at that cute little face. Awww. And what a cute name - Gatsby! Love it. I love everything about Christmas, mostly how everyone is just happier than they are the rest of the year. I always feel closer to everyone around me, like the holidays just bring everyone together.

  7. hmmm, what is my favorite thing about this season? Sharing baked goods and yummy treats with my friends and family<3 it's the little things!

  8. Hokey Petes, he is the cutest thing i've seen all night!! LOVE your sweety:) I'm with you on the Christmas thing- as much as I can turn my mini home Christmas I did! keep up enjoying the Holidays!

  9. fun giveaway! my house is finally decorated for Christmas and it makes me so happy. and Gatsby is SO cute!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  10. I love celebrating the real gift of the season by spending time with family and friends!

  11. I also cannot want for you to put more of these up in your shop!!

  12. Crap! I think I missed the giveaway. I need to read blogs more. Wire headbands = awesome


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