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Friday, February 14, 2014

Thankful Fridays: Valentine's Day.

As I write this, my husband is stuck in the snow in Washington D.C.

So this version of Thankful Fridays is brought to you by a slightly bitter wife.  It happens.

1. For love.  Yeah, yeah.  But it's Valentine's Day and I'm married to the greatest guy in the world and I love him. 

2.  My littlest Valentine. 

Little love of my life, right here.

3. Getting to see my family.  While my husband is stuck in an airport, I've been able to catch up with my family.  It's always fun to get to share conversation over home cooked meals. 

4. Fireplaces.  I'm currently sitting next to one at my parent's house, and it is lovely.  Why oh why does my apartment not come with one of these?

5. Coffee.  And a second cup of coffee.  And a third.  Because when your husband is stuck in an airport somewhere, you don't sleep very good. 

Happy day of love!  I hope you all have the best weekend ever. Pop some bubbly and eat candy hearts until you feel sick. I'll just be over here, bitter at the snow.  Xoxo.

PS:  I'm looking for a few bloggers to review the March mystery package from my shop.  Let me know if you're interested! xo


  1. Awww look at that puppy face! Dogs make the best valentines :)

  2. I'm so sorry you husband is stuck in the snow! That is for sure no fun! I am glad you have a little valentine to keep you company though.

  3. so sorry your husband is stuck in this mess!! but so glad you are looking at the positives!!! :) so glad you're with family on this day of love! :)

  4. Aw hate he is stuck!! Hope he gets home sooner than yall think! Happy Valentine's day, girl!

  5. so sorry to hear your husband is stuck, at least you have that adorable little valentine to keep you company. i know i have been cuddling mine all day :)

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Hopefully, you can celebrate appropriately when the husband gets home. P.S. What kind of dog do you have? So precious!

  7. Happy valentines day!!


  8. If you're still looking for someone to review it, I'm interested!
    And sorry your hubby was stuck in DC :(

  9. Aw your littlest Valentine is so cute!!! I'm so sorry your husband is stuck in DC. Hopefully he is home by now and y'all were able to enjoy Valentine's day together!

  10. Your littlest Valentine is pretty darn cute! He looks like he was made for cuddling :)
    (if your dog is actually a she and not a he I apologize!)

  11. Hate he got stuck in DC...hopefully he is home now!! And couldn't agree more with you about coffee! lol.

  12. Such a bummer that he got stuck! I love being in front of a fire place! Always so warm and pretty!

  13. This is so sweet, Chelsea!! I'm SO sorry he was stuck. Really hope you're reunited now!! xoxo

  14. Aww I'm so sorry his flight got delayed! I hope he is home safely now and that you guys got to celebrate together!


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