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Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy to be Alive, Because: Pretty Dresses & Coachella.

Happy to be Alive, Because Fridays are based off of my new novel, Happy to be Alive, Because.   Feel free to join in with #happytobealive2014.

1. I get to get all dressed up and go out with my husband tonight!  He has a fancy pants medical dinner, which means I have a pretty dress and expensive wine that I will pretend to be sophisticated enough to like.  Everyone is happy!

2.  I got this text from two of my friends:

With the caption, "We are happy to be alive, because we have a friend who is a fantastic writer."

My heart. 

3.  This post from my girl Jordyn about the difference between 18 & 22.  "At 18, you think you're a grown up, and wish more people would treat you like you are.  At 22, you know you're supposed to be a grown up, but wish more people would stop treating you like you already are." Amen.

4. "Coachella" by Brooke Fraser.  "I am bright as the sun, you are high as a kite, we are daughters, sons, brothers, and sisters tonight..."  It makes me want to dance around wearing a flower crown.  Aka, every day of my life.

5.  It's Friday.  And sometimes that's just enough.

What makes you happy to be alive this week?

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  1. ummmmmmm a book? so exciting!! Off to check it out!

  2. What a sweet picture your friends sent you!

    I'm excited and happy about a day off of work next month for our wedding anniversary!

  3. I'm happy because I have less than a month till my wedding!

  4. Friday pretty much does it for me this week!! Finally. What a great shot of your friends with your book.

  5. Fancy wine sounds AH-MAZING right now. Lol. Have fun tonight. And love that pic of your friends! So sweet!

  6. All of this sounds amazing! Love getting dressed up and pretending to be sophisticated;) Also, I enjoyed that post Jordyn wrote as well, all of it was so true!

  7. Aw thank you so much for sharing my post, you are so sweet. I love the shot of your friends with your book...oh my gosh it must be so thrilling!! I hope you're having a fab weekend girl!

  8. oh my gosh - i had no idea you had a book!! THIS IS FANTASTIC, and congratulations (even if t is a little late - sorry!)

  9. I am happy to be alive because I have had a lazy week with my puppy. Almost ready to face work again :)

  10. Awe, your friends are so sweet! Love great friends like that. Also, yay for pretty dresses and just because it's Friday Joy!

  11. Hope you had a fantastic get-dress-up-get-fancy dinner date with your hubby! :)

  12. Such a cute post! Friday always does it for me too :)

  13. Wait... you wrote a novel?!? GO You!!! That's so amazing - congratulations!!
    Nikki at


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