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Thursday, June 19, 2014

How-To: Turn a Bad Day into a Good Day in 30 minutes or Less.

how to have a good day

1.  Take 5 minutes and just have a terrible, no good, awful, bad day. 

In LOST--the greatest show of all time--Jack has a unique way of dealing with fear.  He allows himself five seconds of being terrified.  He counts to five, letting the fear consume him as he does.  But when he gets to five, he doesn't allow himself the privilege of being afraid anymore.

Wallow.  Pity yourself.  Think of all the reasons you're having a bad day and how you'll probably never have a good day again.  Throw the biggest pity part of the year.  But when your five minutes is up, stop it. 

2. Change your perspective, literally. 

Change locations.  If you can't move to a new location, move to a different spot in the same room you're in.  If that's not an option, take a quick walk.  If you're stuck at a desk, rearrange the things on your desk to give yourself a clean space.  Just do something that will make your view different for at least a few minutes.  

3.  Make a list of 5 happy things.  

This can be a mental list, but I like to physically write down a list of happy things.  It doesn't have to be serious; no one else is going to see this.  Just list the first five happy things that pop into your mind.  

4.  Have a process that you associate with being happy and calm. 

Drink a cup of coffee or tea. If you're at home, paint your nails or put of comfy slippers.  Light a candle.  Take five minutes to do something small that makes you happy but doesn't interfere with the rest of your day. 

Since some bad days tend to strike while I'm working, I always have a mug and teabag in my purse.  It takes less than two minutes to fix a cup of tea, and then I can be back at my desk doing something that makes me happy without disrupting my work.  

5.  Keep on going with your day. 

The worst thing to do when you're having a bad day is to simply write off the rest of your day.  It's not time for yoga pants and wine yet; the day can still be salvaged.  Treat it like a new day and get stuff done.  It's hard to have a bad day when you're too busy being a productivity beast. 

And when all else fails. . .there's always the humor section on pinterest.  

What do you do to turn a bad day around? 


  1. I walk my dogs, paint my nails, treat myself to a coffee, and lose myself in a book.

  2. I love this. It's so true. It's really all just a state of mind.
    What I do (which I haven't for 9 months cuz I'm pregnant...) is run. Running allows you to escape by changing your setting, but it also wears you out so you don't have any more energy for crying or being pitiful, and it also releases endorphins which make you happy and relaxed!

  3. so when i did track in college i did multiple events each meet and when one would go bad my coach only let me have 5 mins to be upset about it and then i had to move on. It is probably some of the best advice that i still try and use outside the track!

  4. I LOVE THIS!! I especially love the first one. Thanks for writing this. :)

  5. This is exactly what I do to get over a bad day. I feel like step 1 is almost essential; without it, I think I'd still be miserable! I also love just getting out of the house. My favorite thing to do is visit a coffee shop, order a drink, and just sit there or read a book.

  6. This is brilliant!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  7. Very awesome :) I like to sit and read when I am having a bad day. Just live in another world :)

  8. YES! I love this! I am always looking at the positives and trying to turn things around. I have found what works for me. Certain music and scriptures always work for me, but I have to let myself be upset first, I can't completely ignore it. Just a short time and then move on.

  9. I love that you talked about lost in this post. I LOVE that show! I totally forgot that he had done that. I'm going to have to start watching that show again. When I'm having a bad day, I just say some prayers and pray that the Lord would calm my heart and help me to put things into perspective, because often times my "bad day" shouldnt' really be a bad day at all.

  10. Listening to music usually helps me. And you're right...Lost is the greatest show ever created. My husband and I argue about this regularly. I think now this proves I'm right.

  11. I love this post :) A long drive (essentially, I guess your change of scenery tip!) that allows me to clear my thoughts turns my days around. Even if it's just a quick 15 minute drive into town to grab a coffee and back, I always come home feeling much better :)

  12. I always give myself a little bit of time to wallow, too, and then I find my dog and she makes me feel better.

  13. This is awesome. I love all of these things. Nicely done, lady!

    I've starting writing it out. Pen and paper style, y0. It's nice to put it on paper and then be able to literally walk away from it.

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  15. I loved your reference to LOST! These are some great tips! Each day is far too precious to be wasted. I've had a few too many bad days lately, so I'm definitely learning to find the beauty in each day. Just found your blog and requested to follow you in Instagram😊

  16. I just found your blog and I'm totally following it because it is so inspirational and positive!


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