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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Costumes.

So, this goes down one of two ways.

One: You actually like Halloween. You know you have plans. You think about your costume a few times, but hey, you're busy. Then, somehow, it's the day before Halloween. You think, "Hey, I should probably go by Party City on my way home from work!" You do, only to find the place has been ransacked by tiny children and people who are planners.

Or, option two: You decide to have no plans. You're too old to go out on Halloween, you're going to be responsible and get a good night's sleep, and you're just going to channel Olivia Pope and stay at home with a bottle of wine and Scandal reruns.

But then.

You overhear people talking about their Halloween plans. You drive past your neighbor's house and it's terrifyingly decorated. All your friends are sending you pictures, asking for your opinion of their costumes. And suddenly, you realize you are boring and life is passing you by and DANGIT YOU ARE GOING OUT. But about that whole costume thing. . .

Don't you worry your pretty little head. There are plenty of things you can pull together in just a few minutes.

Rosie the Riveter.

What you need: Chambray shirt, red bandana or scarf. 

Overdone? Yes. Incredibly easy? Absolutely.

Slap on some red lipstick, tie up your hair, and you're good to go.

Bonus Points: Make a little speech bubble that says "we can do it!" and glue it to a popsicle stick.


What you need: Plaid shirt, floppy hat, boots, eyeliner to draw on your face with. 

Get dressed in what is probably already your standard fall uniform, then draw some stitches on your face. Look how adorable you are!

Bonus points: Put actual hay coming out of your hat and boots.

Beanie Baby.

What you need: Any type of animal ears, felt or card stock to make your tag. 

The party store may be ransacked, but you can probably still find some type animal ears. Buy those and go with it. Make a little TY tag and come up with a creative name and saying, just like Beanie Babies have.

Bonus points: Coordinate your outfit with your animal ears.

Katie Perry.

What you need: The most most girly thing in your closet that you've never found an appropriate occasion to wear, weird toys or candy. 

Put your tutu on, then hot glue a bunch of random things (like lollipops, or children's toys) to it. Bright makeup and a giant smile and you are good to go!

Bonus points: Blue, pink, or purple hair.

What you need: A leather jacket and so much glitter.

Throw a leather jacket on over the flashiest dress you have, don't brush your hair, and make your makeup look like you've been sleeping in it for two days. Then cover your entire body with all the glitter, ever.

Bonus points: Wear an empty bottle of Jack around your neck with a toothbrush in it, or paint a star around your eye.

Jim and Pam.

What you need: Unflattering office attire, a name tag, and a guy who doesn't have a costume plan. 

Get dressed as an unsexy secretary, slap on a "Hi, my name is Pam" name tag, and make googly eyes at your Jim all night.

Bank Robber.

What you need: black clothes, black gloves, a white bag, a mask, and a sharpie. 

Get dressed and draw a money sign on your white bag. And, done.

Bonus points: Have your bag overflowing with fake money.

Woodland Creature.

What you need: Ears/antlers and face paint. 

If you want to get really creative and paint your face, Dana has an adorable fox tutorial and Kallie has an amazing deer tutorial.

So, do you wait until the last minute like I do? Or have you had your costume planned since last year? 


  1. oh these are all soooo good! I wanted to be Katy Perry one year! Maybe next year :)

  2. Haha love this! I'm actually going on lunch to grab things to throw together for a costume. Ooops.

  3. I love those! My friend dressed as the scarecrow last year and it was adorable!

  4. I use Kesha pretty much every year! I usually go out twice, and one of the nights, always Kesha. So easy.

  5. How stinking cute are the beanie babies!?

  6. Oh my gosh! I love the new blog look. Can I maybe copy this a little bit? My blog desperately needs a face lift!

  7. A wonderful post! I am one of those people without costume plans or the party, but every year I find something in my closet to wear to entertain myself and whoever spends the night with me. I think this year it will be horror movies and lots of chocolate....not so sure yet on the costume, but I love your ideas!

    You're a wonderful writer ~ I've been scrolling through your posts and it's been pure escapism for me, so thank you :)

    Love, Amy

  8. I am for sure a planner. At least when it comes to my kid's costumes. My costume this year is face makeup, braids, and Indian feathers. Good enough for me!

  9. Haha. These are some great ideas! I love how easy some of them are.

  10. The last couple of years I've had a costume all planned out in advance. This year, I just haven't cared enough, I guess. I'm not going out. We're staying in. So I just need to consider dressing up for work and that feels too efforty.

  11. This is the first year in forever I'm not dressing up. A ton of crap going on and I'm just not in the mood so I'm going to be a witch, which I've actually never dressed up as in all of my 37 years.

    I love your header! New?

  12. You've got some really good ideas here! I was such a procrastinator and made my costume last minute, but I think it turned out pretty good!

  13. luckily our friends made it easy for us this year.. and we're all dressing up in scrubs as a birthday party to our friend who works at a hospital. :) i wish we could pull off jim and pam.. but i feel like the asian thing doesn't really help us out haha.

  14. Love it! Rosie the Riveter. So easy! I'm totally one of those people who tries to play it all cool and adult by staying in and ignoring Halloween....until...I hear about the great party. Loved this post!


  15. I love all of these ideas!! I totally slacked this year hard core. Maybe next year I can make up for it?

  16. Ahhhh! I love that scarecrow one! to fun!

  17. Such cute ideas! And totally doable too!

  18. I love these! I especially love the speech bubble idea for Rosie the Riveter. :)

  19. I was a Beanie Baby last year and I loved it!!! So easy!!

  20. I love that Beanie Baby idea! So cute! Also never thought to paint on that type of scarecrow "face". We have a non costume obligation no dressing up this year. Boo :(

  21. These are great! I made mine last minute!

  22. I turned my old prom dress into a gatsby costume. I blogged about it here!

  23. Oh my gosh the beanie baby one is so cute!

  24. HA! OK, I'm loving the beanie babies too!!! Hilarious. I'm like you...oh Halloween, no big deal...wait everyone's doing cool stuff... Hey, now that I'm a mom I feel even worse for not having planned anything until last minute!!!! I pulled it off with some Kmart action. Disaster averted. Very cute scarecrow!

  25. Love these! Especially the scare crow and beanie babies :) Such great ideas! I was super last minute this year but I just pulled an old costume out of the closet. Moving across the country has its advantages on the Halloween front...

  26. Oh I love those outfits, is Halloween really over?

    The Mind of an exchange

  27. these are such cute ideas - i love the bank robber one, and how simple is that!

  28. I hate that I'm just not finding this post. but i love that I just found your blog. supa cute. supa. Jim+Pam...genius!


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