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Friday, November 14, 2014

NaNoWriMo Writer's Block.

Writer's block is inevitable no matter who you are. Whether you procrastinated too long on a term paper, or you're trying to come up with a blog post on a Monday, or you're trying to write a story and your normally creative brain suddenly becomes very boring, writer's block is something that just happens.

If you're doing NaNoWriMo right now, writer's block is definitely something that happens. You're almost halfway through, likely super behind on your word count, and probably having a lot of thoughts that start with, "next year. . ." 

I've read a lot of things about writer's block, and I've even talked talked about it on here--steps you can take, how to fight it, etc, etc, etc. 

But at the end of the day, the answer to overcoming writer's block is the simplest and the most cliche of them all. 

Just write anyway. 

Sometimes you write something, and it in that moment, it truly doesn't matter to you if anyone else will ever read those words. It doesn't matter if anyone else will ever like those words. All that matters is you wrote them and you like them, and they're yours. 

When moments like that happen, you are invincible. One novel? Psh. How about five? I could do this forever.

And it's for moments like that one that you have to keep writing. 

So keep writing. Write through the writer's block, write through the words that look weird to you, write through the sentences and paragraphs and pages and plots that you think you probably for sure hate. 

If you're behind on your word count, keep writing. If you're ahead of your word count, don't stop. 

Just keep writing. 

Because you are a writer, and you need to be writing. 

Linking up with Rachael & Juliette to talk about all things writer's block!

How do you deal with Writer's block?


  1. I usually look through a couple of my Pinterest boards like my Swoon board or my PicTips board because those are full of images that make me want to write and tell that photo's story. I'll also just google writing prompts if that doesn't work. Keep writing!!!

  2. Yup that's how I get through it sometimes....either that or take a step back, go for a walk outside or some type of exercise outside usually gets writing mojo back. Now that I said it out loud I'm gonna be jinxed though lol

  3. I'm way behind and I don't care. Because I decided to do it right after my papa died and the point is that I am doing it, so unprepared but doing it, during a hard time. And Margaret Atwood is my spirit animal.

  4. love this, needed to hear this today!!

  5. Thanks for your encouragement! This week has been a tough writing week for me blog wise and nanowrimo wise...I need to sit down and just do it!

  6. Love this and it's so true!! I wrote stuff that sucked when I was writing my novel which is why some days I loved my novel and other days I hated it. When I read it over later it still sucked but I fixed it! And that's that.

  7. I am so incredibly proud of you and those participating in the challenge. I can't even begin to think what I'd write about.

  8. I have a Pintrest inspiration board for my story for NaNoWriMo. And have been putting tons of notes into a notebook. If I feel like I'm lost in a part of my story, i go back to the boards or my notes and it usually reminds me of where I should be going with my story now and usually gets the cobwebs off my fingers :D

  9. So. Much. Yes. That Atwood quote is so perfect. I needed to hear it so badly, especially lately.

  10. I love that first quote!!! That can go through many aspects of life!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I love the quote you used from Atwood!!! I love what you have to say about persevering and writing, because that is totally what it is, just keep trying and putting the words down until the groove hits you again and BAM you can always edit. :D I actually made the word count already, but my story is no where near done so heck yes. I hope your Nanowrimo is going amazing and awesome post!

  12. LOVEEEE this quote! I'm so flattered that a REAL AUTHOR linked up with us, hehe. Love you girl :)

  13. I like that quote from Kurt Vonnegut. We need to take risks in order to succeed.

  14. I do get some serious writers block sometimes. I tend to just link up when it happens =)

    I wanted to let you know I changed my blog name and it messed up my followers so instead of The Crafty Practitioner my blog is now Just Add {red} Wine and the URL is:

  15. Love love love this! You are so write. No pun intended :)


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