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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Spending Your November: A To-Do List

Halloween is over and November is here! 

Isn't it crazy that Thanksgiving is this month?! There are 30 days in November, and they are going to fly by. How are you going to spend them? I have some suggestions.

November to-do list

1. Make Thanksgiving plans! 

2. Go on a walk while the sun is setting. 

3. Practice thankfulness. November is a month that makes it easy to remember to be thankful. Take a minute every day this month to write down something you're thankful for.

4. Write something. It's National Novel Writing Month! Even if you're not doing NaNoWriMo, take advantage of November and write a little more than you normally would, whatever that looks like for you.

5. Pick something new to make for Thanksgiving, then have a trial run. Thanksgiving food early? Yes, please.

6. Take advantage of the cooler weather. Have a picnic, go for a walk, or eat dinner outside. Just bundle up and enjoy the cold.

7. Start planning out your Christmas list. Who all do you need to get gifts for?

8. In honor of Thanksgiving, write letters to the people you love, telling them why you're thankful for them. 

9. Take a night off and rent a comedy you've been meaning to see. 

10. Read a C.S. Lewis book. 

11. Set one goal that you want to have completed by 2015. Not a whole set of goals, because that's overwhelming. You have two months left in 2014--one goal is definitely doable.

12. Buy the new Taylor Swift Album. Listen to it approximately 87 times on repeat, then tell me what your favorite song is so we can discuss.

13. Get crafty. You know all those DIY projects you keep pinning? Do one of them!

14. Read a whole book. If cooler weather doesn't make you want to cozy up and read a good book...well, I don't know what to say to you.

15. Throw stuff away. You're probably going to accumulate a bunch of stuff over the holiday season. Get a head start on that and throw away junk that's just taking up space.

16. Spend an afternoon in the library. Check out a book you've never even heard of before.

17. Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

18. Make homemade soup. Find a soup you love, and your winter months just got ten times better.

19. Think of a Thanksgiving tradition you'd like to start. Last Thanksgiving was my first married one, and it was so much fun starting our own traditions.

20. Make hot chocolate. Not the kind in a packet, either. Get fancy.

21. Have an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon. 

22. Think about what you most disliked about your life in 2014. Was it your job? Your attitude about life? The lack of time spent on certain things? How can you change that in 2015?

23. Plan a surprise date. The holiday season can get super busy super fast. Take the time to make your man feel special.

24. Make a list of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals you want to try and get. 

25. Make apple cider mimosas. Substitute orange juice for apple cider and you've got a festive way to toast!

26. Watch the Macy's Day Parade.

27. Get dressed up for no reason. Who says a normal night at home isn't a good reason to break out the curling iron?

28. Watch Elf to kick off the start of the Christmas season!

29. Get your first red cup of the season at Starbucks. White chocolate peppermint mocha, please.

30. Add to (or start!) your Christmas decoration collection. I may or may not have some really pretty things going up in my shop tomorrow that fall into this category. 

What are you most excited about this month?


  1. Great list! I feel in the holiday spirit I now!

  2. !!APPLE CIDER MIMOSAS AND TSWIFT!! I can get behind that. FO SHO.

  3. Yes. I still need to make Thanksgiving plans… oops!

  4. Lovely list! So Tay Tay talk: current favorites are I Know Place, New Romantics, and Blank Space. You???

  5. Love this list- you have inspired me to create me own list for November- thank you!

  6. These are great idea! I love thinking about what I am grateful for, as well as the cooler weather to snuggle inside and read (and write!) more;)

  7. Great list! And your halloween costume was to die for!

  8. Amazing list. I can't wait to do them all (cough), ok just as many as I can!

  9. My favorite thing to do in the colder months is to go for walks while the sun is blazing! I plan to do that a lot over the next four months.

  10. can i please participate in the audrey hepburn movie marathon? this is a great list!

  11. I always always love your little monthly to do lists, they are so festive and happy and just so you! I wish we were closer so we could drink apple cider mimosas and have an Aubrey Hepburn movie marathon and discuss/obsess over Taylor Swift together. By the way you looked absoloutely perfect in your costume!!!

  12. I'm excited about so much! I would love to try a new fancy dish for the holiday :)

  13. I love this list. I have a few things crossed off already. Taylor's album is already a check. I cant wait for her tour! I am definitely bringing my daughter to her concert this Summer! Yay!

  14. I'll definitely be thinking of something new to make! I did this last year and it didn't disappoint!

  15. Hot chocolate, homemade soup, taylor swift and snuggling up with my pup and a good book. The whole list sounds fantastic!

  16. #12 though. Love it. Lovely list, I'm really excited for the holidays :)

  17. Your lists always make me so warm and fuzzy inside.

  18. apple cider mimosas. you are a genius. I'm totally making those for the tailgate next weekend.

  19. I love the idea of having an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon! And I've been known to curl my hair or sport a bold lipstick when I've been hanging out at home. Why not? If I want to wear red lipstick while I watch TV, I'll wear red lipstick while I watch TV. :)

  20. I absolutely love this to-do list. I probably can't do everything on it (hot chocolate from a packet is luxury enough in China!), but so many of the things on this list make me smile.

  21. I love this to do list and I want an apple cider mimosa NOW.

  22. great to do list. i am desperately trying to find the time to finish at least one book this month, i'm in the middle of two! as for taking advantage of the weather, yes please!

  23. The T.Swift album is on constant repeat for me too!

  24. I adore this list! I want to start telling people how thankful I am for them - possibly by sending out cards this season. Everyone loves mail!

  25. It is totally bonkers that 2014 is almost over! The last two months always seem like the craziest :)

  26. For number 12: Either All You Had to Do Was Stay, Wildest Dreams or Wonderland are the best from 1989. Don't ask me to choose the best out of the three because I literally don't know how to. I love all of the holiday things listed here. I'm so excited to watch Elf and bake and go on cool evening strolls. Ah, I love Autumn.

    Katie Petty

  27. Got my first Red Starbucks cup today!

  28. Which C.S. Lewis book are you trying to read? :)

  29. The new Taylor Swift album is def on my to do list, too! I've heard amazing things!

  30. I'm surprised you were able to make Thanksgiving traditions during your first year of marriage! :) My husband and I just got married and I'm already trying to do the his-family-my-family hop, figuring out who gets us for which holiday, lol.

    ps. Just found you via He Calls me Grace. Looking forward to following along!

  31. I love all of these suggestions! Sunset walks are sadly, out of the question now, though. The sun sets here at 4:30 right now :( I'm going to have to try that apple cider mimosa!

  32. Loving this list. My goal for the month is to finish reading Gone Girl! And apple cider mimosas?! That sounds amazing. Thank you for the idea!

    From the Desk of J


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