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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fitting Christmas into One Week.

Sometimes, Christmas sneaks up on you. And that can either leave you feeling panicky over all you have to do, or leave you super bummed and feeling like you missed out on the holidays. Maybe you had plans to make homemade Christmas decorations, or throw a super sequined Christmas party, or something else to ensure this was the greatest Christmas ever.

We've got a week until Christmas--it's not too late! Here are ten things you can do to fit all the cheer of the season into one week, making sure you get your fill of celebrating.

1. Christmas movies. Nothing gets me feeling festive quite like Christmas movies. If you feel like you haven't gotten your fill of the season, watching movies that are full of celebrating the season can fix that. If you need some suggestions, click here.

2. Christmas music. Make yourself a Christmas playlist and blare it non-stop for the next seven days.

3. Make your to-do list festive. You have to buy and wrap a billion presents in the next seven days? You have to clean your house for company? So what. Make it festive. Do it while listening to Christmas music and sipping on a peppermint mocha.

4. Do a Christmas Story devotional. Take some time in the mornings to remind yourself of what Christmas is all about.

5. Make Christmas cookies. Take one night (or afternoon!) this week and make some Christmas cookies. Put on a Christmas movie or Christmas music in the background, and there's nothing more festive!

6. Buy A Christmas tree candle. This year is my first year doing this--I've always had a fake tree, but now I have a fake tree and my house smells like I have a real tree. It's hard to not feel all warm and fuzzy inside when your house smells like a Christmas tree.

7. Go look at lights. So you didn't quite make it around to decorating this year--that doesn't mean you can't go look at other people's decorations! Print off this list and go enjoy the lights! Even if you do this on your way home from running errands, it's sure to put you in a Christmas-y mood.

8. Have your own Christmas party. Miss out on Christmas parties this year? Have your own! Get dressed up and meet your friend for a drink somewhere festive, order dinner in for your family and watch Elf, or just take yourself on a coffee date. It doesn't have to be expensive and well-planned to qualify as a Christmas party.

9. Celebrate Christmas Eve. I will never understand people who don't celebrate Christmas Eve--it's two holidays for the price of one! I grew up always celebrating Christmas Eve, and I love it just as much, if not more, than Christmas itself. So if you don't normally do anything out of the ordinary on Christmas Eve, change that this year. Celebrate!

10. Do the one thing that you do every Christmas. What's the one thing you always do at Christmastime? Bake a certain kind of dessert? Decorate a tiny tree? Buy a new ornament for your tree?

No matter what it is, do that one thing. Of course you're busy--it is the week before Christmas, after all. But you do have the time to do what's special to you. It may mean staying up a little later or waking up a little earlier, but it's worth it. Do something that makes Christmas feel like Christmas for you. 

What are you doing to celebrate this week? 


  1. I've definitely fulfilled no.7. I went and saw the world record-breaking Sids and Kids light display in Canberra. Boom!



  2. Perfect! This year has escaped me, but I look forward to celebrating the next week! And I love Christmas Eve, too... More than Christmas Day!

  3. Haha, this is so appropriate for this year! I think I'll definitely buy a Christmasy candle and make cookies! I still need to make time to go look at lights!

  4. It totally crept up on me this year, too! I love your to do list :)

  5. Christmas ALWAYS sneaks up on me. We're going to a Holiday festival at the baseball stadium on Tuesday. I wanted to so something Christmassy!!

  6. I just feel like Elf when I am reading your list :)

  7. I thought I had all the time in the world to look at lights but the month slipped away. I definitely want to go for a walk through the city this Sunday to check them out!

  8. I love these! I definitely try to do a FEW Christmassy things before heading home to Michigan (I'm usually still at school until the 26th or 27th) and that usually means doing some of these! This year, I've been watching tons of Christmas movies, writing Christmassy posts, and enjoying some Christmas music on Pandora :)
    ~ Samantha

  9. Great ideas! I actually turned my radio at work today to a 24 hour Christmas music station because I feel like I'm just not quite in the Christmas mood that I'm usually in by now, hoping it helps!

  10. I love #3, that actually sounds like a really good time! And I know it's a total cliche now, but the one movie I have to watch is Love Actually each season.

  11. First off, I haven't been to your blog in a while, but it is GORGEOUS! Second, I love this. I feel like I'm always so busy that I completely miss the chance to get into the holiday spirit. These are great ideas, especially the devotional, which I usually leave until Christmas day. No reason not to start preparing your heart early!

  12. I love absolutely everything and everything about this list! Perfect! I hope you are having a great holiday Chelsea :)

  13. these are all such great ideas. i think i'm going to try making cookies to get in the christmas spirit.

  14. I haven't had much of a chance to watch Christmas movies yet this month so I have been watching them nonstop since Christmas break started. :)


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