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Monday, December 1, 2014

Spending Your December: A To-Do List for the Best Month of the Year.

1. Watch ELF. If you only do one thing on this list, it needs to be watching this movie. It's just the best ever. 

2. Decorate gingerbread men. Or a gingerbread house. Or a village, whatever. 

4. Decorate for Christmas. Whether you go all out with the decorations, or just buy a $3 mini tree from Target, make your house a little more festive!

5. Send a Christmas card. 

6. Master some of these gourmet hot chocolates. 

7. Play Dirty Santa. If you have to throw a Christmas party in order for this to happen, then do so. 

8. Get rid of the things in your house that you don't love. Christmas is way more enjoyable without the clutter. 

9. Take advantage of the inspiration of Christmas and WRITE. If you finished NanNoWriMo, start editing! If you didn't, keep writing what you started.

10. Make a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs and play them until you're absolutely sick of them. Then play them some more, because it's CHRISTMAS. 

11. Take embarrassing Christmas pictures of your pets. And send them to all of your friends. 

12. Buy a gift for someone who probably isn't going to be getting a lot of gifts this year. Give it to them in secret. 

13. Stay up late watching old Christmas movies. 

14. Go ice skating. 

15. Kiss under some mistletoe. 

16. Buy yourself new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. And then stay in them all of Christmas morning. 

17. Fill a stocking with silly things from the dollar store. Give it to your best friend or husband or neighbor--it's just fun to buy little trinkets for someone!

18. Look up Christmas shows in your town. A play or a ballet or an old movie--most towns offer something for free this time of year!

19. Make S'mores.

20. Watch The Grinch...

21. ...And The Holiday. 

22. Bundle up and have a late-night picnic. Complete with hot chocolate, of course.

23. Go on a Christmas date with your boo. Whether you go all out and do dinner and drinks, or you just go for a walk with some coffee--I vote you get dressed up in sequins either way.

24. Make cookies for Santa. 

25. Take tons of pictures, but make sure you're staying present. Your phone is great for capturing the memories of Christmas--just make sure you don't get sucked in to focusing more on your phone than the actual moment. 

26. Make a list of your favorite memories of 2014. 

27. Do one thing that you swore you would do this year, but haven't got around to it yet. Haven't gone for a single run all year? Now's your chance. 

28. Buy a new journal for 2015!

29. Go for a walk and enjoy the last of the Christmas decorations. 

30. Write a letter to 2014. A love letter, a thank you note, a hate e-mail...anything goes. 

31. Welcome 2015 with a toast!

What's your favorite part about December?


  1. I love this list!! Definitely bookmarking it so I can check some things off of it :) Thanks for sharing, sweet girl. I can't believe it's December! Holy moly!

  2. I love this list! So festive and lots of must do's here!!! I love this season!

  3. What a great list! you've hit a lot of the highs of the season!

  4. SANTA?! I KNOW HIM! Also, I'm totally going on a Christmas light scavenger hunt, I think tacky sweaters + fancy holiday drinks will also be involved.

  5. I love this! I've already done #1 and #11 :)

  6. I love this list! Definitely going to have to keep it in mind this month. I especially love "buy a new journal". New year, fresh start.

  7. This is fantastic! I've been mulling over some ideas for what to do around Christmas time, but at the speed I was going, it was in danger of passing me by without actually doing any of them. I definitely want to take goofy pictures of my dog and send out some kind of Christmas card. Non-pet-owner friends be warned!

  8. $3 mini Christmas tree?! I have to have that.

  9. omg yes the holiday!! i love that movie.

  10. What an awesome list! I will definitely be doing some (if not all) of these! But what's Dirty Santa?!

  11. Your lists are always my favorite. I want to do all these things! That Christmas Light scavenger hunt looks awesome!

  12. Love all of these! My kids and I just wrote a X-mas bucket list, and I am excited to start.

  13. I watch Elf every year too :) And I'm hoping we can hit up the ice skating rink downtown this month for sure!

  14. This is a great list. I definitely agree most with watching Elf. Nothing says Christmas like Will Ferrell pouring syrup on his spaghetti.

  15. The music, the movies, the lights... GIVE IT ALL TO ME!!!!!!!!

  16. Thank you so much for this list girl! I am determined to enjoy this month and not let it fly by!

  17. Drinking gourmet hot chocolate while watching Elf...perfection.

  18. I love this list! I really love the idea of writing a letter to the year. That would be a cool thing to do every year. :)

  19. We just did #1 and #2 this morning!! Love December :o) Christmas is basically a whole month anymore, not just a day haha. Love the list!

  20. Chelsea your monthly lists are always always always my favorite! I agree that wearing sequins on your little winter date is 100% necessary...I'm hoping to put on some sequins tonight and I don't even know what I'm doing yet!

  21. Great stuff for the holidays!! Never heard of dirty santa? I'm in two secret santa swaps this year though.

  22. Elf might be my favorite christmas movie of all time. only tied with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. And Home Alone. And Home Alone 2. uh oh... i can't pick a favorite...

  23. Great list Chelsea! We've already watched elf. :) I hope to decorate this week or this weekend and I ordered our Christmas cards last week. I can't believe this season is already upon us!

  24. December is definitely a month to remember for me :)

  25. Don't hate me, but I'm probably one of the few people in the world who DESPISES Elf. Can't stand it. Watching it is almost as bad as hearing nails against a chalkboard. :p I'm totally all about the sending Christmas cards and drinking oodles of hot chocolate, though!!

  26. Love this list! The holidays are my favorite time of the year! Sadly, living in FL means no snow but I can still find ice skating places! :)

  27. Such. A. Great. List. And yes--I will be doing as many as possible. Christmas music has been on for quite some time and not even close to sick of it yet. lol.

  28. This is such a wonderful list!! I love it. Elf every year is a must!!


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