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Friday, January 30, 2015

just write: the worlds you've seen.

you worry we haven’t seen enough, 
that time is moving much too fast. 
you think we need to see much more
to make these memories last. 

but there are ten-thousand different galaxies
in the bubbles of champagne,
a hundred-million little worlds
in the way you say my name. 

So yes, our time is short down here
and yes, it goes so fast. 
but don’t forget the things we’ve seen
that make our moments last. 

for I’ve sailed throughout the universe,
and swam in every ocean blue, 
in one single conversation,
if I’m sharing it with you. 

life is full of little moments, 
our own eternities.
so don’t forget the worlds you’ve seen 
by being here with me. 


  1. I love at you keep posting your own writing! This one is beautiful.

  2. Please, please, please, turn your poetry into a book. I need all these in my hand.

  3. Love Love this! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

  4. Girl everything you write is pure gold!!!! I am still thinking about your one last Friday and I seriously want it for a print on my wall!

  5. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing :)

  6. I think about this a lot, actually. There are so many things I haven't seen, but then I have seen so many things other people will never see! It evens out, I think :)

  7. What a beautiful post :) I love it!
    ~ Samantha

  8. Oh I am in LOVE with this, it's beautiful!

  9. This I pretty <3 We see so many things in little things, so why would we need to see such big things?

    The Life of Little Me

  10. I love all the little details in this!


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