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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Spending 2015: 52 Things to do This Year + $150 Giveaway!

1. Pick a word you want to embody your year. When you're confused about what you want to do or what decision you should make, think about that word.

2. Make resolutions that will be helpful and that you'll actually stick to. Dropping five sizes probably won't happen. But going for more walks or staying on top of your laundry might.

3. Learn a new skill. Speaking a new language? Gardening? Changing a tire? This is your year, my friend.

4. Send a letter. Who doesn't like getting mail? Sending it is almost as fun.

5. Learn how to make your favorite cocktail at home. And coincidently save yourself roughly three thousand dollars in the process.

6. Go for a walk with your bare feet. 

7. Make a 5 year dream plan. If your next five years could be planned according to your wildest dreams, what would they look like?

8. Spend a day thrifting. 

9. Make something with your hands. 

10. Buy a planner. And actually use it this time.

11. Make yourself an "I'm totally going to win 2015" playlist. At any point this year when you feel overwhelmed, rock out to said playlist.

12. Learn to enjoy nights in. They're cheaper, cozier, and can make for some pretty good memories. That's nothing to scoff at.

13. Go to an outdoor concert. And dance your little heart out.

14. Keep a dreams and goals and good ideas journal. 

15. Do something nice for someone who has no way of repaying you.

16. Have a movie night with movies that you know nothing about. Go to Red Box and pick the first three movies that look interesting.

17. Say yes more. When your first instinct is to say no just because it's something you'd usually say no to, consider saying yes.

18. Say no more. To things you don't enjoy and feel obligated to do.

19. Call someone. Your parents, your grandparents, your college roommate...anyone who would enjoy hearing from you.

20. Journal every day for a month. It's a good habit to have.

21. Look up copycat recipes for your favorite restaurants. Seriously a game changer.

22. Clean out your closet. Are you really going to ever wear those tie-dyed leggings that you bought for that one rave that you never went to? Probably not.

23. Watch more sunrises. 

24. Do something new and don't tell anyone about it. Don't instagram it or snapchat it or tweet about it. Have a memory just for yourself.

25. Have nights out. Because life is short, so go dancing sometimes.

26. Remove one unhealthy thing from your life. Whether it's soda or a toxic relationship, get rid of it.

27. Read a book you've never even heard of before. Support indie authors!

28. Get organized. 

29. Do that one thing you've always wanted to do to your hair. It's hair, and it will grow back.

30. Start working out. 

31. Learn how to make a killer breakfast, because breakfast food is always appropriate at any given time.  

32. Make a bucket list. Do one thing on it.

33. Start a morning routine. Reading a chapter and having a cup of coffee before you start your day sure sets a different tone than pressing snooze four times and flying out the door without time to take a shower does.

34. Get a library card. Free books, people!

35. Keep a list of reasons you're happy to be alive.

36. Redecorate. Wherever you live, you should like the way it looks.

37. Paint something.

38. Question what you believe. If someone asked you what you believed, would you be able to explain why?

39. Make a scrapbook.

40. Stand up for yourself at least once. 

41. Start drinking more water. And then watch your skin get better and your headaches disappear.

42. Write something.

43. When you think of things you want to do, write them down.  

44. Next time you see something that you like, but it doesn't look like something you'd normally wear, buy it. And then wear it, because life is short.

45. Make gratitude a part of your day.

46. Stand up for someone who isn't there to stand up for themselves. 

47. Have a game night date night.

48. Go somewhere you've never been before. A new coffee shop or a new country, explore this year.

49. Go out without makeup on. You're beautiful. Give your skin a break.

50. Go on a picnic. 

51. Practice thinking. Think before you talk, before you buy, before everything. Just think.

52. Work on becoming the best version of yourself. Because 2015 is a great year to become someone you're really proud of.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to start 2015 off with a little extra cash, right? I've teamed up with some of my favorites to help you start this year on a high note with $150. Happy entering!


  1. #19, YES. I need to do better with this!

  2. All 52 of these are fantastic thoughts and ideas! Happy 2015 to you!

  3. So many good ideas! I do love going to the movies with my husband and letting him pick and being surprised. Normally I end up really enjoying what he picks! I do need to start journaling more regularly... Happy new year!

  4. Love ALL these great ideas. I'm specifically going to incorporate #11 and #16. My husband is such a movie watcher and I'm not so he usually ends up having movie nights by himself. #gonnachangethat

  5. I'm definitely going to make an "I'm totally going to win 2015" playlist! Sounds like a great thing to have! :)

  6. i seriously love all these lists you make. and you. hang soon.

  7. we love some of your resolutions, especially becoming abetter version of yourself. We're glad to say that we are often to a good start, and have already bought a planner and have been doing lots of life organising!! Happy new year:)

    M + K

  8. Love these ideas ... bookmarking this post for reference throughout the year :)


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