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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Your New Favorite Blog: Lot 48.

Hi I'm Lauren!! I blog over at Lot 48!  I write about anything that pops into my head, which is why it is so entertaining! (I hope)  I like to write about entertainment, my life, and just, my life.  I don't write about recipes or fashion or beauty or fitness or anything like that, that isn't me.  My cooking skills are minimal, I never know what to wear, and I rarely workout, and I have no idea what makeup is best. Oh well! I absolutely love blogging and am so glad that I have fallen into this amazing community!! 

Fun.  I really, really strive to make it fun.  I strive to brighten my readers day and help people.  That is the #1 goal of my blog, is to help people.  That is why I write posts like this!  

I was at a job I absolutely HATED and was sooo bored.  I spent my work time reading blogs that my sisters had told me to read, and then I just found more and more to read.  And i just fell in love with it!! I was so unhappy, and the community completely changed my life, it really did.  Then i decided to take my blog more seriously and a few months later I had enough cash to pay for a blog design.  And now here we are!! I am so in love with blogging, I don't see myself stopping at anytime! 

Oh no not that question!! I can't pick, it's impossible.  I'll list a few of my favorites.  Anything by Sarah Addison Allen, (particularly Lost Lake and Garden Spells.  But i think Lost Lake is my favorite of hers. I TORE through that book!) Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and Gone Girl, duh, because i'm human.  BUT. I have to say I read it before it was popular, so, yeah. I'm like, suuuper cool. 

If I were a drunk.  I have never had a drop of alcohol in my life so it was really fun to speculate what it would be like if I did drink, because I have no idea how I would act!

 Anything my nieces and nephews do! I love hearing the funny things they say and I love LOVE watching my 6 month old nephew laugh.  And I love posts that mom bloggers write about what kids say.  They say the funniest things!! lovetaza and camp patton do some great ones. 
So there you have it--a blogger who read Gone Girl before it was popular, who has never tasted alcohol but blogs about it, and who just admits she has no idea what you're really supposed to do with makeup. In case you were wondering what your weekend plans were, the answer is that you're blog-stalking all of Lauren's funny posts. 

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