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Monday, February 2, 2015

Spending your February: A To-do List.

Happy February! It's the month of love and pink and candy! There are 28 days in February (isn't that weird?), and you get to choose how to spend them. As always, I have some suggestions. 

1. Make chocolate covered strawberries. Or chocolate covered anything, really.

2. Journal every day this month. Need some ideas to help you get started? I've got you covered.

3. Look up happy hours near you. After discovering how many places around here do happy hours, I have no idea why people ever pay full price for a meal. Our favorite sushi place does one where nothing is over $5. Um, yes please.

4. Evaluate on how you're doing on those New Year's resolutions and goals. 

5. Plan what you're going to do on Valentine's Day. Will you be staying in? Going out? Being Martha Stewart? Ordering Pizza? Whatever it is, have fun with it.

6. Have a picnic. If you live in the north, have an inside picnic. 

7. Peruse the Valentine's Day section at Target. 

8. Make a Valentine's playlist. 

9. Go try something out at Lush. I have just been introduced to the wonderful world of the charcoal face scrub. It's worth every bit of the hype.

10. Send someone a love letter.

11. Make a Valentine's Day craft. Hello, pinterest.

12. Go thrifting. Give yourself a budget, and then hit up some consignment shops and try to find an entire outfit for that amount of money.

13. Send Galentine's Day cards/emails/texts. 

14. Go to a Farmer's market. 

15. Make brunch at home. For real brunch, not cereal brunch. Waffles and muffins and mimosas and the whole nine yards.

16. Find a hot tea that you like. 

17. Watch the Pilot of Parenthood. It's on Netflix and you will have no choice but to cry along to all six seasons.

18. Spend an entire afternoon reading.

19. Write something that scares you. And then post it. I've been doing a lot of this (here, here, here, and here). If one of your resolutions this year was to be brave, this is definitely a good first (and second and third and fourth) step.

20. Find a quote that inspires you and print it out. Put it near your bed so you see it every morning

21. Do one thing you've never done before. 

22. Use this website to find your next book. You type in books you like and it gives you a little map of your next cool.

23. Go for a walk by yourself.

24. Sneak your own snacks into the movie theater. You little rebel, you.

25. Buy yourself some discounted Valentine's Day candy.

26. Have an at home date just as good as the one on Valentine's Day. Because you don't need a holiday to have the best date night ever.

27. Find a healthy snack that you actually enjoy. Little changes, people. Little by little.

28. Make a list of your favorite things that happened this month. Or a list of things you were thankful for this month. Any sort of happy list from February.

Ps: don't forget to enter this giveaway!

How are you planning on spending February? 


  1. YES brunch and Parenthood! All on the same day!

  2. These are great ideas. I love a good brunch and discounted candy!

  3. Love these, especially the happy hour one. Sushi under $5 sounds fantastic! Also, February is such a perfect month to spend an afternoon reading with a mug of hot tea. Sounds so cozy right now. :)

  4. These sound so fun! I will for sure be giving a few a try!

  5. Making chocolate covered strawberries is a great idea! Maybe I will do fondue for Valentine's Day! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I literally just watched the Parenthood pilot Saturday! So excited to get caught up on that

  7. We're hosting a friends' dinner this month and I'm excited for that. Great list! I love the chocolate covered strawberries idea.

  8. I love February! My first born's birthday is on the 20th, so it is always a special month;) I also need to watch Parenthood, especially after all the hype from the finale!

  9. ha! 'if you live in the north-have an indoor picnic' love it!

  10. Spend a whole afternoon reading, I should definitely do that more often! And I might steal that idea of an indoor picnic - it sounds just great for a stay-in valentines :)
    Other than that, I want to plan a weekend trip to Germany this February.

    Happy February!

  11. I really want to write a bunch of love letters in honor of Valentine's Day. I think love letters are just magical. Also thank you for the tip on the "YourNextRead" site...soo cool!

  12. I love this list!!! So many fun things to do. Tell me more about the charcoal face scrub??

  13. Love these! I've already made a start on #3. In fact I had a happy hour sister date yesterday.
    I also need to organise an indoor picnic with my gal pals pronto because I love that idea.

  14. Yes for chocolate covered strawberries AND happy hour. I really need to hit up more happy hours- I always see the signs when I'm actually already in a restaurant and am like, why didn't I come an hour earlier? haha

  15. I plan on doing at least half of the above. Great list!

  16. You are just amazing Chelsea, thank you for this list!

  17. love this list! and i seriously make people watch the pilot of parenthood bc that show is everything. still not ok that it's over. happy february!

  18. I got some lovely ideas from this! I will have to work on incorporating some of them into my life during February (and after too!)

  19. That book website is so cool! I love your monthly to do lists. :)

  20. Love love love these. Thanks for the inspiration today - mine's running a little low... my favorite is to make a valentine's play list.

  21. This year will be all homemade valentines things. I believe chocolate covered strawberry's will be on the list, or homemade fondue with strawberries!

  22. Love these ideas! I'm totally with you on the happy hours - I actually keep a spreadsheet of the best ones by me (because I heart organization) so that I don't miss out on any great deals!
    xoxo B | The Sequin Notebook

  23. Yes....LUSH! So many good ideas girl...and $5 sushi...SIGN ME UP!

  24. Such fabulous ideas! I'm ready to start re-watching Parenthood after the finale last week! Your posts always put me in the most festive mood!

  25. oh my, so many good ones! do share, where is your favorite sushi place with happy hour??? i must go!


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