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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Your New Favorite Blog: Whimsical September.

Hey! My name is Erica and I blog over at!

Can "family" be used as an adjective? I sure hope so because that's what we're going with! Everything I write about somehow revolves around my family - how we're fixing up our 1980s home, what we're eating (healthy, non healthy, quick, fancy), our road trips and vacations, parenting wins and fails (ha!), curveballs that my husband's Army career throws at us, how we celebrated this birthday or that anniversary - the whole nine yards! I try to keep things real and light-hearted.

I actually started my blog during the sophomore year of college in 2008 during the Stone Age of blogging! For years I used my blog as a way to keep track of big and little life events, and sometimes I'd post multiple times a week and other times I'd only post a few times a year. I absolutely love that this blog has captured my entire relationship with my husband - from the time we started dating all the way through the birth of our first child and beyond! I rebranded my blog one year ago and have been consistently blogging ever since!

Easy question! My favorite book is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I've never read a book this size as fast as I did the first time (two days). I read it in 2010 shortly before my husband commissioned as an officer in the Army, and this book gave me so much perspective and insight into the turmoil going on in Afghanistan that I knew my husband would see one day (and he has). I love that it's written as a historical fiction as well. Hosseini's writing is detailed, eloquent, informative, and gripping.

I've written over 300, so picking just one is really tough! I'm going to pick the post that had me sobbing the whole time I was writing it - a letter to Hadley on her first birthday. Whimsical September: A First Birthday Letter to My First-Born.
I'm sure any parent would say this, but my answer is definitely my 14 month old daughter Hadley! I keep wanting to freeze every stage she's in because it's just so much fun, but then she gets bigger (of course) and I find that I love the next stage of her life even more! She's in the stage right now where staring contests are her favorite, and she bursts into giggles right after we start one. I could go on and on! Parenthood is a trip. 

Something else that's been making my laugh? HARD? The Bachelor. I'm 27 years old and still completely obsessed with the show. This season has a handful of girls that just make me want to cover my eyes and die of embarrassment for them while simultaneously dying of laughter at their silly antics. LOVING. IT.

Erica has the cutest blog name, the cutest little girl, and the cutest little pup. Comments have been turned off so you can go say hi to Erica and check out all the adorable things on her blog! You can find her on facebook, instagram, Pinterest, and twitter!