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Friday, March 6, 2015

just write: ocean dreams.

ocean dreams

the ocean’s full of secrets, 
so salty from our tears. 
it’s full of bitter, broken dreams
swept off to better years.

when you lay your dream down
and choose to walk away, 
the ocean sweeps it out to sea
to make sure it stays safe.

until one day, years from now, 
you’ll visit the sea once more. 
you’ll have grown and changed in many ways
and won’t be as you were before. 

so when the waves lap at your feet
and you don’t feel so blue, 
that’s just your old dream that the ocean
is bringing back to you. 


  1. I'm dreaming about the ocean too - but mine aren't as beautifully worded as yours!

  2. Stop. This is just fantastic. I'm going to keep asking you to publish a book of poetry until you do it.

  3. So one of my goals is to read more poetry and yours is so damn good that if you made it all into a book, I'd buy it and read it all. The. Time.

  4. Love Love Love This! You're so talented.

  5. Just amazing, friend, as usual! Keep these coming!

  6. Seriously girl!!! Every one of your poems you publish here are just amazing and so fitting. So much talent!!!

  7. This is calming to read, like I can feel the waves lapping against the shore. And I love that last line!

  8. So beautiful! I'm such an ocean person, this should totally be up on my wall somewhere!

  9. I was already hooked by the time I finished the first line. Love this one!

  10. aww love this! what a great sentiment :)


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