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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Your New Favorite Blog: Anna in Wonderland.

Anna Scanlon--Anna in Wonderland.
Several! I think one of my favorites is about how to travel on the cheap as I love sharing my tips and tricks.
How do I even choose?! I would have to say some of my favorites are the classics like Little Women and Jane Eyre, but that only scratches the surface. I also like a lot of contemporary work like anything by Jonathan Safran Foer. 
Follow your bliss and work hard to achieve it. 
Having an amazing summer....and the class I'm about to publish online about writing and publishing. 
This question is impossible! I think different songs describe your life and different stages, so this is impossible for me to answer!

Not only is Anna a blogger, she's actually an author too! I'm always so excited to find bloggers who write books, and Anna does not disappoint!

Comments have been turned off so you can go check out Anna and her books! You can find her on Youtubetwitter, Facebook, and Bloglovin'.

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