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Thursday, June 18, 2015

just write: forgot to say goodbye.

chelsea jacobs poem

I used to paint you pictures, 
now I just paint them in my head. 
I never knew our memories 
would one day wind up dead.
buried under sand and sea, 
buried in my head. 
because you walked away from me,
I still don’t understand. 
we had forever right in front of us, 
I thought I saw it in your eyes. 
But then you walked away from me

and forgot to say goodbye.


  1. Honestly, this is probably my favorite of yours that you've written so far because it really struck some emotions within me. I mean some strong emotions!

  2. This is such a beautiful poem! So much talent :)

  3. This is my favorite so far. Wow. Heartbreaking and beautiful!

  4. This heartbreaking, but so beautiful. I love your writing!

  5. wow ! This brought tears to my eyes ! I read it several times and each time II love it even more.

  6. I love seeing your poems show up in my feed. They are a breath of fresh air.


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