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Monday, August 3, 2015

Spending Your August: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through the Month.

Happy August! Let me just be redundant for a second and ask HOW is it already August?! We're quickly approaching my favorite part of the year!

There are 31 days in August, and you get to decide how to spend them. Of course, I have some suggestions.

1. Go see Paper Towns!

2. Pick one area of your house and make it perfect. We get so caught up with all we want in our perfect dream house that we can get overwhelmed with how expensive everything is. But that doesn't mean you can't change anything! Pick one area--the bathroom or your desk or the kitchen--and make it perfect. Organize and buy pretty things and hang pictures and just make it perfect.

3. Make a coke float. Or an ice cream sundae, or something you haven't had in awhile.

4. Click here and remember how much you miss Friday Night Lights. And then give them all your money because you definitely need all of these things.

5. Remove one stressful thing from your life. Whether it be a messy drawer or a toxic friendship, get rid of it.

6. Write your significant other a love note, just because.

7. Go to Party City and buy whatever decorations/props are in the clearance section, and throw a dinner party based on those. Cinco de Mayo in August? Why not!

8. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs from high school.

9. Get a planner! If summer is the season of laid back, fall is the season of getting organized. Even if you're not going back to school, you need a planner. I have this one and this one and they are magical.

10. Order something you've never tried at your favorite restaurant. 

11. Watch the Pretty Little Liars finale and find out who A is. Except JK, because they're never going to answer this.

12. Work on viewing Mondays differently. 

13. Forgive someone. Whether it's a grudge you've been holding for years or just someone who cut you off in traffic, forgiving someone and letting it go just feels good.

14. Give yourself a break and just eat cereal for dinner. 

15. Reread a favorite book. 

16. Start a wanderlust Pinterest board. Plan your dream vacation!

17. Go see a morning movie. Safe yourself some money!

18. Make lemonade. 

19. Spend an hour dreaming. Whether it's looking at job openings or new towns or just spending an hour working on a project, dream a little bit.

20. Invest in a good self-tannerFall is coming and so is your pasty white skin.

21. Make dinner with only what you already have. 

22. Get rid of five things you don't need.

23. Every time you go to Target, browse the dollar section for potential Christmas gifts. Seriously--I got so many good gifts for $3 and under last year! Start looking now!

24. Spend an afternoon by the pool. Enjoy the remaining warm weather.

25. Go on a fro-yo date. Because eating a bow full of gummy bears and captain crunch is only bad if it's on top of ice cream. Yogurt is totally healthy.

26. Buy some new lipstick

27. Listen to Serial. 

28. Get a crockpotMine has been saving my life this month.

29. Go school supply shopping. The fact that you're not going back to school is not important.

30. Buy fresh flowers at the grocery store. Just because.

31. Get a new journal. Changing seasons (we all know I start celebrating fall in September, because duh) deserve new journals.

How will you be spending your August?


  1. Would love to see what you do with your crock pot during the summer. I get stuck. And I totally agree with working on a small section of the house at a time; in the world of Pinterest it's so easy to become all-consumed and want to makeover everything, NOW.

  2. I love these! I definitely want to do #7! I just bought myself a planner at Target (now let's see how often I use it!) I buy one every year, but then I never ever write anything in it.

    I'm definitely with you on buying Christmas gifts early! That Target section is a great idea. I've been looking online for sales and have already purchased about half of my gifts!

  3. Lololol to #11 because seriously! WE WILL NEVER FIND OUT! I also loved those FNL gift ideas <3

  4. Oooooh, these are some planner options I haven't seen before! I may just have to get myself organized after all! And I do #30 year round, but I need some new ones ASAP!

  5. Aww, write your significant other a love note just because! I love that one. When my BF and I were in college, I used to leave little love notes on his car when I saw it up on campus. It was such a fun, affordable, and easy way to show my affection :)


  6. I want all the Tami Taylor things. She rocks.

    LOL I'm getting rid of a few of my crockpots this week.

  7. I love these ideas! All fun things.

  8. What a fun list! I love the idea of making 1 spot in your home perfect! I take on cleaning and organizing everything as a whole and then I get overwhelmed. I'll have to focus on one spot at a time!

  9. The Target dollar section wins every time! And yay for love notes and coke floats - YUM!

    Have a fabulous week gurlie <3

  10. This list is so creative. Definitely going to refer back to it when I want to do something fun!

  11. I always love your monthly lists, I hope you'll create them forever. I love love love the idea of having a party based off of the decorations in the clearance section-such fun concept! I also love the new journal idea and of corse school supplies and a planner!

  12. sometimes I'm pretty sure that I'm A...ALSO I MISS SCHOOL SUPPLIES. is that weird? I like buying myself office supplies because it's pretty much the same except I don't have a locker for that cool locker chandelier that target makes now!

  13. I absolutely love your lists. I'm going to attempt to check each thing off this month :)

  14. Speaking of FNL did you see that Coach Taylor is in a turn off your cell phones PSA for a Texas movie theatre? It's amazing. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

  15. I love this to-do list for August! I'll definitely be borrowing a few of these and making them my goals for this month :) xx

  16. Oooo I love this. Especially the choosing one area of your house to make perfect. That's so smart.

    I started FNL a few months ago and I need to go back and watch more. All I hear are good things.

    COKE FLOATS. Yup. Getting on that real quick.

  17. I've been on a HUGE fresh flower kick- whether grabbing them at the grocery store or the farmers market- fresh flowers are just making me so happy!

  18. I like the idea of picking an area of my house and perfecting it...definitely need to do that!

  19. Love love loveeee. You've inspired me to put the pile of frames I have to good use and make a gallery wall this month ;)

  20. I love the idea of removing one stressful thing from your life -- much easier to do than try to eliminate all stress!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  21. Seen Paper Towns already this month so off to a good start! :)

  22. Oh my gosh I usually find lists like these kind of cheesy but I LOVED this one! I think it's great to do fun stuff like this- pinning it! :)

  23. Oh my gosh I usually find lists like these kind of cheesy but I LOVED this one! I think it's great to do fun stuff like this- pinning it! :)

  24. I have a huge wishlist of lipsticks! I think I'm going to get a few bold, fall colors. :)


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