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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

just write: refuse to be defined.

I do not think that words exist
for what you are to me
I’ve read many books front to back
and I have yet to see

a word that fully captures
the way I feel when I’m with you
or the comfort that’s in knowing 
that you feel the same thing, too

just like there’s no word for what you feel
when you’re surrounded by the stars
or for how peaceful it is to fall asleep
to the sounds of passing cars

it’s like the stillness before the thunder
or the way summer slows down time
sometimes the greatest things in life
refuse to be defined.


  1. I love your writing excerpts, you are the best for keeping me focused on writing again, I've been in a slump!

  2. So beautiful! Love the peacefulness of falling asleep to passing cars and the summer slow down :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Your words always blow me away. Xo

  4. Wow, I am speechless.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful! I love your words.

  6. I love it when something is too complicated to be defined in words, or maybe my manipulation of the English language is just not expert enough to give it justice.

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