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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

just write: a treasure trove of wealth.

chelsea jacobs poem

how silly it is to think
you're made up only of yourself,
when you and I both know
you are a treasure trove of wealth.

you are a priceless french mosaic,
a small piece of every soul you've ever met.
your heart is a vintage roadmap
of every place you've ever left.

your imagination is constructed
of every story you've been told,
the way you feel towards others built by
every hand you've tried to hold.

so when you look at your reflection,
know it's not just made of you...
it's everyone you've ever loved
and the ones who've loved you, too.


  1. I will never get enough of your poems and words...simply beautiful!

  2. Such a beautiful poem! You are so talented!

  3. Loveeee that line - you are a priceless French mosaic , a small piece of every soul you've ever met. Such well written words!

  4. I love this one. Really true and really well said.

  5. So true. We pick up pieces of every person and experience along our journey.


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