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Friday, October 2, 2015

Spending Your October: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through the Month.

Happy October! It's one of the best months of the year, and it's definitely one of my favorite months to spend. We get thirty-one days of October magic, so make sure you spend them well! Here are some ideas to get you started. 

1. Go to a pumpkin patch! The best location for cute pictures, ever.

2. Carve pumpkins. Quick story: One time, we were carving pumpkins outside (in the dark), and Chris was throwing pumpkin slime at me. Some of it hit my face, but I was really focused on what I was doing, so I left it there for a second while I finished what I was carving. But then it started sliding down my neck. Except it wasn't sliding, it was crawling. And making noise. Because it wasn't pumpkin slime, it was a frog. 

A frog landed on my face and I just left it there because I thought it was pumpkin. 

Moving on. 

3. Make hot apple cider. Put this on the stove (or in the crockpot!) in the morning, and your house will smell amazing all day.

4. Look up fairs around you! It's the time of the year where fairs and festivals pop up all over!

5. Read a thriller. Last October I read Gone Girl...stay tuned for this year's choice. 

7. Watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

8. Have a make-your-own-candy party!

9. Make caramel apples! Pro tip: After you make them and cover them in whatever your heart desires, use an apple cutter to cut them into slices that you can actually eat, as opposed to getting 90% caramel on your face and 10% actually in your mouth.

10. Go thrifting for oversized sweaters and baggy sweatshirts.

11. Each time you feel thankful for something, say so out loud. Work on voicing your gratitude instead of your complaints.

12. Check out Bath & Body Works' fall line. Smell like a pumpkin, or an apple. Up to you!

13. Watch the Friday Night Lights Pilot. I was shocked by how many of you told me you'd never seen this show!

14. Go on a fall date. With your boyfriend or your husband or your best friend or your sibling...just have a night of your favorite fall things!

15. Go to Target, grab a pumpkin spice latte, and browse the halloween costume section. Once you've had your laughs at the adult costumes (the best), then move on to the pet section. 

16. Get the Sephora Play! Box. It blows Birchbox out of the water, let me tell you!

17. Make an effort to love out loud. I think that so often, I just assume that the people I love know I love them. This month, make an effort to say so more, both with words and actions.

18. Pop some popcorn and celebrate the return of fall television! Scandal! Blacklist! Welcome back!

19. Make a list of some fall traditions you want to start! You know I will have some suggestions for this.

20. Bake something with apples.

21. Decorate your house for fall. 

22. If you have a dog, buy them a pumpkin. Gatsby got his own tiny pumpkin last year and I really don't know who it brought more joy to: Me or him. 

23. Drive somewhere the leaves are turning colors. Just enjoy how pretty everything is in October!

24. Have a picnic. October is prime picnic season.

25. Spend a morning outside, reading a good book.

26. Have a bon-fire. Bonus points for s'mores!

27. Go stargazing. Grab a blanket and go lay in the grass or on a roof and just watch the stars. 

28. Go for a walk. Pour yourself a hot drink and just go for a walk without the intention of really getting anywhere, but just to enjoy it.

29. Surprise your co-workers or roommates with Halloween candy.

30. Dress your pet up for Halloween. You know you want to.

31. Celebrate Halloween however you want to!


  1. Fabulous list as always!!!! FNL for the win.

  2. You know, I was thinking about making a list like this- but now I'll probably just use yours as my checklist this month ;) I can't wait to pick our pumpkins and carve them- we always have Charlie Brown playing in the background!! :)

  3. I love this list! And all of your lists. Such a creative and fun way to examine the possibilities the month holds!

  4. That's an awesome list of things to do in October. Your blog is so cute!!

  5. Awesome list gurlie! I'm totally craving some hot apple cider now. And I'm still so upset that the Sephora boxes aren't available everywhere yet. Hoping they release it nationwide soon.

    Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. I'm sooooo ready for The Great Pumpkin! And my dogs are going to be dressed as an Ewok and Chewbacca this Halloween!


  7. I love this list!! I never thought of making hot apple cider in the crockpot! I would love to come home to that smell after a wonderful day at the pumpkin patch with my husband! :)

  8. I love this list, especially the idea of a bonfire! I was just thinking about the logistics of one this morning. And I'm definitely dressing my pet up for Halloween. No doubt about it.

  9. The story about the frog is hilarious! And this is a fantastic list! What are you going to dress Gatsby up as this year? I have a peacock costume for Mina and she hates it. :)

  10. Such a great list! Considering I'll be stuck indoors this weekend for a pending hurricane I think I'll tackle the baking of pumpkin good and online shopping :P

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  11. aw, I love the one to "love out loud", that's so true and so important. And all I want in this world is an apple cider at a pumpkin patch!

  12. Oh my goodness, that frog story, haha! There are some really great seasonal suggestions on here, though I would say that watching the FNL pilot is great at any time of year...LOVE that show :)

  13. MY DOG KEEPS TRYING TO EAT OUR PUMPKINS! Does Gatsby do this? I don't even understand, is something wrong with my dog?

    Okay, as always I love your monthly lists. October is my favorite month in the whole wide world and I could not be any more excited. I will be participating in many of these activities including the pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving this weekend. Yay for all things Halloween!!!

  14. What did Gatsby do with the pumpkin? Was it like a toy or a treat? Or was it just for fun? I'm all sorts of curious now. And running to buy Gunner one right now...

  15. Love this whole list!! I literally laughed out loud at your carving story! And thrifting for sweaters is a yearly tradition for me- I think I literally have a drawer full. So many great ideas!

  16. I haven't seen Friday Night Lights either, but it's been on my queue for the longest time. I love your frog story. Did he really throw a frog at you?

  17. I love your lists! This is so great. Literally squealed out loud at the pumpkin/frog story. I need to watch FNL when we get Netflix again. I did a "community service project" (weird calling it that but it gave us NHS) hours and was cheering in the crowd for one of the big games in FNL. It would be fun to try to find myself! Haha.

  18. omg a frog was on your face?! thank you for sharing that short story because it was hilarious (though i'm sure not at the time). i just did #15 TODAY. check. i want to try the new toasted graham latte!

  19. Drawing up a list of friends I can bribe to do these activities with me. You'd think "let's go to a pumpkin patch" translated over as "let's go do hard labor" in their ears! Ewwwww about the frog, though!

  20. Great list! I definitely have a few of those on my own list!

  21. I will for sure be baking with apples, and making apple cider. I am always down for a good thriller/mystery.

  22. Love this list!! Need a new thriller, so please do share :) I've been thrifting for Toms and flannels (unsuccessfully) :( Love caramel apples with all the toppings, and they're really not hard to make. Slicing them is the best plan for sure. YESSS to FNL - I loved it, but have kind of fallen off the train of watching it lately. (Is that a phrase? Falling off the train? I don't even know.) And then everything outside, in the cool air, with the pretty trees - love it all.

  23. I have never been to a pumpkin patch and I really want to go to one this year!

  24. We are headed to a Pumpkin Patch the week after next with my son's school and I'm so excited!
    Love this list...really great ideas!

  25. Read a thriller sounds amazing! I totally never thought to add that to my October list. :-)

  26. OMG! We need to band together and get all of our readers to watch Friday Night Lights. SUCH A GOOD SHOW!

    ​​xx katie // A Touch of Teal

  27. I tell you this every month, but these lists are my favorite. And yes, I know it's time to finally watch Friday Night Lights. I'll let you know what I think :)


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