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Friday, January 22, 2016

just write: just about anywhere.

chelsea jacobs poem

I can picture myself in the city,
where the sky never quite goes to sleep.
I can see myself in the mountains,
surrounded by snowy, powdered peaks.

I can imagine a life in a little old house,
with a front porch and a swing
and a pretty little green yard
where a garden grows in spring.

I can imagine making a life
just about anywhere, its true.
but the one thing I cannot picture
is having a life somewhere without you.


  1. This is too cute :) I'm sure you have so much creative inspiration staring you in face with that cute little babe. I hope you're getting some sleep and are able to enjoy every moment of this first month as a momma!

  2. this is so sweet. hope that sweet babe and you and dad are doing well!

  3. so sweet. and so wonderful. home is always about who you are with :)

  4. Home is definitely the people :) Love this one!

  5. Beautiful words. As a military spouse I feel like this is my life!

  6. This makes me wish I had a someone special in my life!


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