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Friday, February 5, 2016

30 Things to Say Yes to For The Best Year of Your Life.

1. Waking up 15 minutes earlier to enjoy a cup of coffee. 

2. Actually listening to the answer when you ask, "How are you?" 

3. Saying what you want. In the mood for mexican food? Say so, instead of saying, "Oh, whatever is good with me."

4. Chasing your small dreams, even if you think they're silly. 

5. Getting rid of anything you don't love. 

6. Drinking more water. 

7. Unwinding at the end of a busy day. Too often we go from a busy day at work -> running errands -> knocking things off our to-do list at home -> responding to emails in bed -> passing out for a few hours before repeating the whole thing. Take a little break and unwind, instead. Take a walk, have a glass of wine, take a bubble bath. 

8. Being present. 

9. Wearing whatever the heck you want. Is it in style? Who cares! Are you standing out? Who cares! Not you, because you're too busy looking fantastic. 

10. A second cup of coffee. And sometimes a third.

11. Saying "I love you" more often. 

12. Cleaning out your car every once in a while.

13. Bringing up what you're upset about as soon as it upsets you instead of letting it fester for weeks. 

14. Choosing to love your life how it is, right now, right where you are. 

15. Making kindness your first reaction. 

16. Staying up late sometimes, just to talk about life. 

17. Going to bed early sometimes to catch up on sleep. 

18. Finding a lipstick you think you look great in and wearing it all the time.

19. Getting dressed up for work. Or a trip to the grocery store. Or wherever it is you're heading on any given Tuesday.

20. Anything that makes you feel like you've found the reason why you're alive.

21. Trying new things. 

22. Getting outside more. 

23. Being content with what you have.

24. Being unapologetic about how you choose to spend your time. 

25. Shopping your own closet.

26. Changing the things you don't like about your life. 

27. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

28. Leaving your phone behind every now and then. 

29. Being thankful every single day. 

30. Being unafraid to just be who you are.

What have you said yes to that has made your life better?


  1. This is such a great list! I love all of the ideas that you have on here - they are all so good!

  2. oh I love this. you always have the best lists. I've definitely been saying yes to ALL the cups of coffee lately, so I feel like I might have to start saying yes to an extra half gallon of water too..

  3. Love this! Especially #2, 7 and 8. Being present more often is one of my goals for 2016 and I'm working hard to stay mindful of it every day.

  4. I think if couples would just say what they wanted to have for dinner, a lot of fights could be avoided! Love this list :)

  5. I couldn't love this more! Life is so short, why not be happy and soak up as many good things as we can. xo

  6. I love all of these! I want to print it out and put it on my bathroom mirror, ha! But really...

  7. Yes yes yes to #3 and #28! I am learning to just voice my opinion and let other people do with it what they want instead of giving in to the weird, sometimes passive aggressive conversations of everybody wanting to seem accommodating. And I'm all about leaving my phone behind every once in a while, even if I don't do it often enough!

  8. These are all great, but #5 and #16 are major goals for me this year!

  9. Love this list! I love waking up early on mornings I have to work, just so I'm not running like a fool to get out the door, and so I can have a couple minutes to myself to just chill with some coffee. I feel like it sets me up to have a better day! And definitely yes to finding the perfect lipstick!

  10. Great list. I could definitely stand to wake up 15 minutes earlier :)

  11. This is AMAZING!!! And it totally brightened my day!

  12. I love you more, water, up 15 minutes earlier to enjoy time alone - yes, yes, yes! Love the whole list.

  13. love all of this! esp. the 15 minutes earlier :) but now that baby controls that ... we will see! love your writing and photos of baby jack! hope you're well- xo

  14. It's so liberating when you leave your phone behind, it helps to be more present. And yesssss to waking up earlier to enjoy coffee and to drinking more water. Awesome list gurlie! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  15. I love this list! I really am trying to do more of these things this year. I'd especially love to find a lipstick that looks good on me that I could wear everyday! haha

  16. Such a great list! I especially love the "get rid of everything you don't love." With another move coming up, I have been in the mood to purge!

  17. Love the idea of shopping your closet and saying yes more often!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

  18. one of these days I'm going to get up early just to drink coffee by myself.. for now, it's coffee with a toddler during baby's nap... could be worse
    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  19. love this post so much! these are all great ideas! x, kenz

  20. Such a great list!! Definitely drinking more water and trying to be present and love life right now!

  21. Love this list! Even reading it put a smile on my face! x

  22. Love this! One of these days I'm going to learn how to make a good cup of coffee in the morning :)

    Love, Eline |

  23. I love this list! I have found so much more joy when I have chosen to be thankful. That is always something to say yes to. XO

  24. Love this inspiring little list! But I will ever be able to wake up earlier. I will never be that person. ;-)

  25. I love this! Probably my favorite list from you yet :)

  26. I always want to get up 15 minutes earlier...and am always trying to get rid of anything I don't love and change things that are not working in my life.

    Great list!

  27. I love these! Such a good post!
    -|D I A N A|

  28. This is such a brilliant list. I've been trying to get up at 5:30 the last few weeks instead of waiting for my little ones to wake me at 6:15ish. The days I've managed it have been THE BEST days because I get to enjoy a long shower, a big coffee, and write or read before I have to start the day!

  29. Love this list!! Waking up to enjoy coffee is the perfect way to start a day!


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