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Friday, April 1, 2016

Spending April: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through the Month.

1. Happy April Fool's Day! Play a prank on someone.

2. Plant a garden.

3. Make a new playlist.

4. Go through an entire day without complaining. If you catch yourself complaining, try again the next day. And then the next. You've got thirty days, you're bound to be successful for at least one of them!

5. Freehand a new smoothie recipe.

6. Buy some cheap flowers and dress them up. Like this.

7. Go on a bike ride.

8. Get some outdoor furniture. Whether you can afford actual patio furniture, or just a chair from a thrift store that you spray paint pink-get something for outside!

9. Switch up your routine with a new face wash or toothpaste. It's the little things.

10. Have a wine tasting party. Buy 3-4 new wines in your price range that you've never might find a new favorite!

11. Start a new habit. 

12. Cook a new recipe every night for a week. 

13. Make a list of your favorite things that have happened so far this year. 

14. Get all of your laundry done. All of it. Enjoy a day few hours with no dirty towels or socks anywhere.

15. Go on a breakfast date. Dinner dates are cool, but have you ever tasted pancakes?

16. Pick something you don't like about your life and change it.

17. Deep clean one room in your house. Spring cleaning!

18. Start a new series on Netflix.

19. Go through all your pens/sharpies/writing utensils and throw out the ones that don't work. Then buy new, prettier pens.

20. Go for a walk every day for a week. Soak up that spring weather.

21. Bake homemade cookies.

22. Go through your computer and delete old files. 

23. Make mimosas with something other than orange juice!

24. Clean out your car.

25. Start making a summer bucket-list. 

26. Make a dinner with no meat. Eat your veggies!

27. Make pizza at home. With extra meat, to make up for the meatless dinner.

28. Throw out any chipped/cracked/broken dishes that your holding onto just because. 

29. Try your hand at overnight oats. Anything to save time in the morning!

30. Have a picnic in the park. 

How are you spending this month?


  1. This is so cute! I want to try the "no complaining" one to see if I can do it. ;)

  2. These are such great ideas! I'm definitely going to try to accomplish some of them! I'm sure that I'll be able to go complaint-free while on vacay!

  3. Delete old files...YES, I try to do this every month to stay on top of it all! I saw another way to wrap flowers and want to try it out. I always love your lists,Happy Friday friend!

  4. Soaking up the spring weather in on my list! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I've been meaning to clean my computer for so long.. like, years. I definitely want to go get some new outdoor furniture this week to kick off spring!

  6. Bike rides and breakfast dates are my favorites!

  7. Love this list! Mimosas with grapefruit juice or pineapple juice are so tasty :)Beautifully Candid

  8. Loving this whole list! Especially bike rides, breakfast dates, and trying out new wines <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. I'm determined to do some gardening this year as we were so busy last year it didn't get a look in. Great list and ideas x

  10. I love the idea of the wine tasting, and I really need to do some of your cleaning suggestions!

  11. i really need to do the deleting of old files on my computer. it gets so out of hand! and definitely the cleaning out of the car.. oops! have a good weekend :)

  12. I've already knocked a couple of these off the list with a few others soon to be checked off. Looks like I'm off to a good start this month!

  13. Such a great list. Love those burlap wrapped flowers! And we just re-painted our kitchen walls, which meant a lot of cleaning out and I finally got rid of a mug that had no handle after years of holding on to it and never using it! So that's a good one, I don't think about doing unless I have to! Happy April, friend!

  14. oh my goodness deleting old files and photos on my phone neeeeeed to happen.

  15. I love breakfast dates. We're driving to the beach tomorrow to rent bikes and ride around for the day. Perfect day in our books <3

  16. Love these posts! Breakfast dates are the best... I wish we had time during the week. Maybe we should make it a priority!

  17. Love this! Especially breakfast dates because oh how I love breakfast!

  18. Aha. Now these are really amazing ideas I would like to try myself. #16 is a gem.

  19. I totally went on a breakfast date today!!! =P

  20. Love this list. So many simple things, but I caught myself craving a breakfast date, a homemade pizza, and doing the challenge of going a day without complaining!

  21. Great list! I can't wait to get my garden going towards the end of the month! And we have already had numerous bike rides!

  22. Homemade pizzas are the best! Although I'm partial to a homemade tomato basil pizza. :)


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