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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Sweetest Sleep With Tuft & Needle.

I hate mattress shopping. 

I've only been once, but it was a long and torturous enough process that I can confidently say I hate it.
I think it's the worst. But what was also the worst was our mattress. There was no way that thing was making the move to Gainesville with us. So unfortunately I knew I was going to have to suck it up and spend a day miserable in order to maybe find a mattress I could tolerate. 

And then, I found out about Tuft & Needle. It seemed like a memory foam mattress, but better. I spent a little while looking through their website before emailing them and seeing if they'd be up for collaborating, because after reading about it more, I needed this mattress. 

When I told Chris I was having a mattress shipped to our house without even trying it, he was suspicious, but I told him he has to he decided he'd love to support my blogging career, so he'd wait on the mattress shopping. 

While I was waiting on it to be delivered, I got a little nervous about whether or not it would live up to the hype. Sometimes things are cool, but not the best quality. For example: Urban Outfitters has the cutest notebooks. But then you get home and realize that you paid $25 dollars for 15 pages that rip when you try to write in them. I was a liiiitle bit nervous that this might be one of those situations. 

And then, this box arrived. 

If you're thinking that box looks awfully tiny for a king-sized mattress to be inside, so was I. And most definitely so was Chris. 

Then we opened the box. 

And when we pulled the mattress out, I thought-Crap. They sent me a twin mattress. I knew that box looked too small. 

But then we cut the plastic off, and I kid you not, within fifteen seconds, it looked like this: 

And within thirty seconds, it looked like this: 

That's the cool part. Now, on to the good stuff. 

This is, hands down, no comparison, the greatest mattress I have ever slept on in my entire life. It's perfect. It's like someone took all of the good things about different types of mattresses and put it into this mattress, and they made a list of all of the bad things about different mattresses and made sure those came nowhere near this mattress. It's the perfect mix of foam (they make their own!) and firm so that you sink into it at night without actually sinking into it. It's soft enough that you relax immediately when you climb into bed, but firm enough that your back doesn't hurt in the morning. 

The first night we slept on it, I chalked our amazing sleep up to exhaustion from moving. The second night, I thought maybe it might have something to do with the mattress. The next week, I knew it was because I was sleeping on pure magic. 

To say I'm obsessed with it is a massive understatement. I texted all my friends for a week about how great it is. Which leads me to believe that I have actually entered into true adulthood, because who gets that excited over a mattress? 

The short answer: Anyone who is sleeping on a Tuft & Needle mattress. It's magic, you guys. Pure magic. 

When we bought this house, I told Chris I wanted to fill it with things we loved. I wanted everything to be just right. This mattress fits those requirements perfectly. And the best part is that I got to avoid the dreaded mattress shopping!

And, in case that's not enough reason for you to try it: They have a 100-night return policy. Meaning you get to try sleeping on this beauty one-hundred different times and, if something is wrong with you if you don't like it, they'll give you your money back. Go look at this magic for yourself. What do you have to lose?! 

Answer: Nothing. Sweet dreams! 

PS: Tuft & Needle sent me a mattress in exchange for a blog review, but everything here is my own opinion. It's worth noting that they sent me an email asking that I be completely honest in my review, and they didn't ask to see this post before it went live (which is so refreshing!) So everything you see here is 100% me just really being that obsessed with a mattress. #adulting
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  1. That's awesome! We're planning to move soon, I'll definitely keep Tuft and Needle in mind when it comes time to mattress shop!

  2. Say whaaat?! That's crazy awesome!!

  3. That is so cool how it expands! I'm gonna save this one to Pinterest so I can remember it when it comes to replace our (on it's way to being quickly replaced) mattress lol

  4. Love this!!! I hate mattress shopping, too and I have heard so many good things about different mattresses in a box. So glad you found the right one for you!

  5. We bought a memory foam king mattress on Amazon (and have yet to sleep on it because our king bed frame hasn't arrived yet) and it was in that size box and puffed up too! It was fascinating to watch haha. From testing it out it feels SO awesome. I can't wait to sleep on it!

  6. I love that this mattress grows all by itself- haha! And I love your headboard!!

  7. Literally LOLing at "Meaning you get to try sleeping on this beauty one-hundred different times and, (if something is wrong with you) if you don't like it, they'll give you your money back."

  8. I've been looking into these order online mattresses lately. I think it's time for a new one soon. I love that it grows before your eyes, haha. It sounds like an infomercial but this is way cool!

  9. This is so cool! I need to get a new mattress for my daughter. I am going to check them out!

  10. This is so cool! I need to get a new mattress for my daughter. I am going to check them out!

  11. Um, that looks seriously amazing. It's so crazy a king mattress showed up in such a small box!

  12. WHAT?!?!? This is fantastic!!! We're *hopefully* buying a house where we can have a king sized bed so I'm definitely going to remember this!!!!

  13. We are in the market for a new mattress and I've been DREADING the shopping process for one! Def checking them out right now !:)

  14. WHAAAT?! HOW DID IT GROW THAT BIG?! I'm so impressed.

  15. A great mattress makes all the difference! My bed is one of my favorite places. :) It's so cool that it grew that much after you unboxed it!


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