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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weeks With Jack: 11-16 (Allllll of the Pictures).

e l e v e n :

you have the cutest yawns // you love pulling the blanket over yourself // you always end up sideways in the swing // you've still got a killer side-eye

the cutest Easter bunny I've ever seen // our family's first Easter // happy little swaddled baby // your surprised faces bring me to tears, they're so funny. 

so handsome // you will always find a way to get yourself all tangled up in a swaddle // you got a hold of some forks at Chick-Fil-A and thought it was the best thing in the world // you love your fleece fox blanket. 
t w e l v e :

 it's all I can do to not buy you alllll the hats // you are the king of chubby stretches // and of silly faces // baby boy clothes are actually the cutest. 

 you love turning sideways, wherever we put you // you got to meet your great-grandparents! // while they were in town, you got dedicated at church // we took you to the beach in your fancy new swimsuit...

...but you ended the day like this, much happier being naked instead. 

t h i r t e e n :
 Gatsby just guarding your crib // love morning snuggles with you // and sleepy snuggles // you get so happy when we take you out of your stroller and just let you hang out with us when we're out and about. 

happiest baby // ever // even swaddled, you find a way to get your hands to your mouth // your facial expressions are my favorite. 

you're becoming much more aware of Gatsby and smile at him a lot // you went on a froyo date with uncle Dylan // sometimes your shirt get stuck on your head and dad just leaves it there // happiest little guy. 

f o u r t e e n :

sassy // giggly babe // you still love the boppy // your stretches are so dramatic and hilarious. 

Auntie Cat came to see you // you went shopping with me on my birthday // we built you a little fort by the pool to keep you out of the sun // you're just so happy. 

happiest face // silliest face // sweetest face // suspicious face. 
f i f t e e n :

you love sitting up on the couch now // but you still love being swaddled // again with the hats! // mastermind with a plan.

my favorite little snuggle buddy // you just love being held // you have eyelashes that are even going to make some girls jealous! // eyes on the prize. 

sly little fox // hanging out at grandpa's house // you love your little fleece blanket and your swing // you're always a little bit suspicious of what's going on when you wake up. 

s i x t e e n :

sweetest sleeper // you pose in your sleep // I love sneaking you in bed for some snuggles // the best snuggler // your happiness is contagious // your chubbiness is adorable // sleepy babe // my little buddy // you're so peaceful when you sleep. 

just getting some work done with my deep-in-thought partner // so handsome // I adore your clothes that have animal ears on them // just hanging out with Gats // side-eye game still going strong // I'm so glad I have this picture! I snapped it when we first saw our new house...we had just walked in but I just knew it would be ours! // you love to chill out with your arm on the armrest // sometimes you look surprised for the first hour or so you're awake // rooftop hangs.

Sixteen of the sweetest weeks of my life! 

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  1. okay is this weird to say? I'm going to say it anyway. he has the most perfect head in all the world! it is so freaking adorable! just perfect and round and cute.

  2. Oh he is SO cute! You are entering the truly sweetest month of the baby year :-)

  3. Love his bunny outfit! And I'm so glad that he already appreciates donuts!

  4. Oh man, so many adorable pictures! I can't believe how big he's gotten - he's growing up too fast!

  5. Oh my gosh, he is 100% a mix of you and your husband. He looks JUST like you guys! That first picture under the 14 weeks headline is gorgeous! He is the most handsome baby!

  6. He has the best facial expressions! Also I love the dress you're wearing on your birthday shopping trip! And I have that gray and pink pajama shorts set you're wearing (at least I think it's what you're wearing based on the 1/8 I can see of the top in one picture--ha!).

  7. Aiden just got dedicated too! (And by too I mean I realize Jack got dedicated a few weeks ago. Whatever. You know what I mean.) I love all the photo collages!!!!!!!! He is perfect.

  8. How adorable are all these sweet pictures?! LOL at the side eye and the Chic Fil A forks! <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. He is seriously so adorable! He also has gorgeous eyelashes! He's gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!

  10. He makes the cutest facial expressions, and I love all the adorable smiles! LOVE that you snapped a photo of him at your future house when you first walked in! Also, love you black and white cardigan from your birthday shopping trip!

  11. He's the cutest baby! Those smiles and smirks are just adorable.

  12. I love the picture of Gatsby guarding his crib... and that side eye... and that smile...oh my gosh what a perfect, snuggly, baby!!

  13. Such a sweet, sweet boy. And so happy!

  14. He is seriously SO FREAKING HANDSOME! Such a ham!!!

  15. The sassy photo in week 14 is my favorite! He is adorable :)

  16. He is the cutest, sweetest little boy EVER! Barrett loves sucking on his fingers, too!

  17. goodness that boy you've made is ALL THE KINDS of adorable. i want to bite his little cheeks because ADORABLE.

  18. You have a beautiful family and your little guy is adorable! That photo of Gatsby by the crib totally melted my heart.


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