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Monday, July 25, 2016

From The Cutting Room Floor: July.

A little peek at real life in July, courtesy of my iphone, through pictures that didn't quite make it into any other blog posts...

The progression of trying to take a picture with Jack while I'm holding him. Sometimes we end up with a good one, sometimes we don't, all times I lose a handful of hair to those surprisingly strong claws tiny little baby hands.

Lots of pool time with this cute little lobster any chance I get.

Just taking a nap with brother.

He fell asleep at church and woke up in a firework tent and was really just confused about the whole ordeal.

We got some sparklers and took lots of blurry Fourth of July pictures.

And in this month's version of Chris sticking the baby places he doesn't belong, we have Jack in a diaper box. Jack thought it was absolutely hilarious and was more than happy to just hang out in a box.

This carrier is saving my life. ^^

Jack and I went to church alone together for the first time. While this is probably normal for a lot of people, I felt like a rock star.

So sitting up on his own is a thing he does now.

This was on a Saturday morning. Our neighborhood pool was completely empty. We laughed about how big of a difference it is from our rooftop pool in Orlando, which was always crowded and filled with drunk people by 10:00AM on the weekends. This is a nice change of pace.

My mom came to visit and we found the Lilly store. Just look at this magical mug collection! Need them alllllll.

My favorite Timehop of all time, ever. Cue instant heart explosion.

Pro tip: While including your baby in cooking dinner sounds cute in theory, he will dump your bowl on the floor the second you look away. He's already decided to do so here. Just look at that face.

Jack can see himself in the camera when we take pictures now, and he stares at himself, sticks his tongue out, and sometimes laughs at himself. It's hilarious and adorable.

On our way to a rain or shine farmer's market that was all packed up...because of the rain.

I'll leave you with this...Jack has started holding onto Gatsby's tail while he falls asleep. Gatsby absolutely hates when anyone touches his tail, but he allows it because he loves Jack.

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