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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Things I Believe in This Week: Books & Floats.

Pool days and hot pink floats. I firmly believe that weekends are for fun, not for boring adult responsibilities. Most recently, I believe that weekends should be spent in the pool, on a hot pink float if at all possible. I'm currently working on growing a money tree so that my weekdays can also look like this. Stay tuned. 

Getting a library card. I got a library card last week and it has already brought me so much happiness. Getting a library card is one of the best improvements you can make to your life, and it's free. Free books, something to do when you need to get out of the house but don't want to spend any money, a free place to go when you need to feel creative, the ability to read things you wouldn't normally read without the risk of spending your money on something you might not love. Again, why doesn't everyone have a library card?! I don't understand. 

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone every now and then. This might sound a little prideful, but I am SO proud of how much I've pushed myself since moving to Gainesville. When it comes to new people, I am extremely introverted, and when it comes to new places, I am extremely anxious. But I've tried my best to forget that and just throw myself into life lately, and I have to say, I feel much happier for doing so.

Making your life a place that you love. I've been thinking about this so much lately! This keeps rolling around in my head: It's my life, I'm the one who has to live here. It's challenging me to make my whole life a place that I love, no matter what anyone else may think of it. I'm the one who has to live here, I might as well enjoy it!

What do you believe in this week? 

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