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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Twenty-Eight Weeks With Jack: Allllll of the Pictures.

There are a lot of reasons why I love blogging, but one of those is that I have an excuse to document parts of my life that I might not otherwise. I love that I'll have all these little daily moments to look back on. 

Week twenty-five:
all smiles // having way too much fun with snapchat // starting to recognize yourself in the camera // trading toys with the fox

you just want to grab everything in sight now // sleepy snuggles // that little tongue // you love your car seat toy

the sweetest swaddled babe // you take after me and love cozying up in as many blankets as possible // your little personality is shining through more and more every day 

Week twenty-six:

sometimes you just pass out in the middle of playing // the happiest // such a little ham for the camera // always staring in awe at Gatsby

one of my favorite pictures of you // getting so big, but you're still just so tiny // teething has hit full force and you're wanting more and more snuggles // just looking like a full grown toddler in your overalls 

so happy // so suspicious! // always laughing, always yanking my hair out // working on your poses for the camera 

just a grumpy old man in his boat // so happy to be outside // adventuring around in your new carrier // contemplating life with grandpa 

my three favorite guys // teething snuggles // always so suspicious about what's going on around you // you are truly the happiest baby I've ever seen

Week twenty-seven:

ready for a pool day // so smiley // so snuggly // I swear, you know exactly where that camera is

things are getting messy around here, and I know it's only the beginning // I turned my back for one second, and this happened // you had no regrets // snuggling your puppy 

weekends at the pool // you can sit up on your own now!

Week twenty-eight:

so silly, so happy // you've started army crawling! // four AM sleeps in my bed // my happy guy 

your facial expressions still crack me up. I imagine you thinking, "yes? can I help you?" // happy camper indeed // passed out on the couch // I bought you some toys since you sit up and play on your own now, and you are loving them

the sweetest face // you get so happy when chris comes home from work // sleepyhead // jack in the box! 

morning selfies // just snuggling a fox in a bowtie // my two little foxes napping // you love your stuffed animals

Best twenty-eight weeks of my life, hands down. Life is messy and full of snuggles and naps and teething and toys and it is absolutely perfect. 

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