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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Twenty-Four Weeks With Jack: All of the Pictures.

Week twenty-one:
you suck your bottom lip in and it's the cutest // still the best snuggler around // teething is the pits // the happiest // your expressions crack me up // we bought you a bumbo seat and you absolutely hated it // on the other hand, you love your bouncer more and more every day // we take you everywhere and you just hang out with us at the table // important conversations happening

Week twenty-two:
silly faces // so very happy // these blurry family pictures are some of my favorite things in the world 

hanging out with your uncle // the sweetest little fox // discovering more and more every day // my new favorite picture with my guys

you really did wake up that cute // we're trying the teething wafers, but so far you just like to wave them around and throw them // you love to get out of your stroller and be a part of whatever we're doing // your little hand thrown across your eyes made me laugh // I think baby hats are the cutest thing // those little fat rolls are just adorable 

Week twenty-three: 

this is what happens when we try to get your handprint // you love to have your head rubbed // just talking over some chips and margs // we got you a little cell phone // if we sit you up, you can hold yourself there // just relaxing outside of Cracker Barrel // snuggles in your wild things pjs // the sweetest sleeper // we got you a baby pool for the backyard so you can be a naked little florida baby sometimes 

you love pools days // you're the funniest little guy // naps with Gatsby // you are just. so. happy. every time I go to get you from your crib

Week twenty-four:

you have started recognizing Gatsby and you absolutely love him. you just laugh and laugh at him.

my sweets // you were so happy to see him when he got home from his first day of work! // the happiest // you weren't too sure about this family photo

just hanging out and being sassy while I get ready // walks around the neighborhood are just too hot for clothes // still loving your baby wrap // the sweetest munchkin // you love hanging out outside with us // bedtime smiles 

You are more and more fun every day, little man. Love you always. 

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  1. That "I Woke Up This Cute" shirt is amazing!!!! :)

  2. What more can you say other than he's just adorable!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Jack is seriously the best dressed 24-week-old on the internet! He's just too dang cute!

  4. He is so precious--and those rolls! The best!

  5. I could take hours and respond to each adorable caption and picture but I'll save you all that reading ;) These are my favorite, and I love this way to update everyone on your ADORABLE little one!

  6. He is so expressive! Such a cutie patootie!

  7. I cannot get over his eyelashes and his sweet chubby cheeks...ah just so cute!

  8. He is just getting cuter and cuter by the day!

  9. He is just downright precious!

  10. I wish there's an internet way back when I was growing up. I have such limited photos. :P

    What a cutie patootie!

  11. Could you have a cuter baby? Seriously. A-freaking-dorable! <3

  12. So much cuteness! That handprint photo is so funny. :)

  13. Your baby is too sweet! So cute.


  14. The only reason I might want to get a dog in the future is because I think it would be so cute to see a baby and a dog interact. Adorable.

  15. My goodness he is so adorable! And such a little ham!!!


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