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Thursday, August 25, 2016

From the Cutting Room Floor: August.

A little look at life in August through snapshots that never quite made it to the blog. 

First things first: I colored my hair pink on a whim. I need an hour to decide where I want to eat lunch, but big decisions like this? Nah, better not think about it, let's just do it. 

This kid has such a big head. I love him in hats, but this one is for 9-12 months. He's seven months. It's fine. 

We found a new doctor for Jack here, and he was great. It's so funny how much your life can change in a year. A year ago, I would have just said that a pediatrician is a pediatrician, you know? But now? Oh no. I want a pediatrician who actually likes being a pediatrician, who makes me feel comfortable asking questions (as opposed to feeling stupid asking questions), and is preferably a little bit funny. It was a relief to find a good doctor for my little man! And Jack was very into ripping the paper into little tiny shreds. 

Target's Simply Balanced line just keeps getting better and better. I've been drinking this peach tea all day, every day. 

Reading is a little bit harder these days, with a curious fox and a kicking baby. 

How pretty is this juice? It was delicious. I came home and tried to copy it, and mine was so gross. 

My tiny little snuggle bunny. 

Picking weeds on our morning walks. 

Also from Target: This is so delicious. Add some rice and chicken and veggies and it tastes (almost) just like my favorite meal at a Thai place.

Gatsby follows me room to room, finding a place to curl up and watch me. 

A little sneak peek at real life: I was so behind on dishes that I mixed my protein shake in one of Jack's bottles. 

Moving on. 

This little guy is so in love with his new toy.

I got a shopping cart cover and it made shopping SO much easier. However...I was super disturbed by how many people just touched Jack without saying anything to me. No thank you.

Super Casual.

What did your August look like?

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