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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Make a Little Room for Wasted Time.

I love a good adventurous weekend. One with plans and lots of going places. But some of my favorite weekends are the ones you might look at and say, "Wait-what did we actually do?" The weekends that might be deemed lazy. Time that might even be described as wasted. 

You know the times I'm talking about. The times where you knock out a whole season of a show on Netflix in a weekend. The days where the dishes and the laundry and the clutter don't get touched a single time, because you're too busy doing nothing but sitting in the sunshine. The days that go by in a blink because you've got a great book going. 

Those times-the times of accomplishing nothing, of wandering around Target, or the mall, looking for nothing in particular, the times of ignoring email and spending the day by the pool-they're so important. 

They may accomplish nothing, but they refresh everything. 

Make a little more room for wasted time in your life. Make time for movie marathons with the love of your life, for Starbucks and shopping with your best friend, for spending entire days lost in a book. If you enjoy it, you're not wasting it. 

What's your favorite way to waste time? 

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