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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Project Happy: Days 1-7.

I've been thinking a lot about happiness lately. About how much of it is circumstantial, how much of it we control, and if you can really make yourself happier. 

So much of life is out of our control. But we often forget that so much of life is in our control. I know we all have issues or circumstances that aren't the happiest, but I think a lot of our unhappiness is within our own control. I think a lot of times, the reason we're not happy is because we're not trying to be.  If you could make a few small changes, or take a few small actions, and it would lead you to a place where you legitimately felt happier, wouldn't you do it?

I've heard it said that it takes 28 days to form a new habit. So can you make yourself happier in 28 days? Well, we're certainly going to try. 

Project Happy: 28 Days to Happiness

Day One: Wake up ten minutes earlier than normal. Don't add anything to your morning, just wake up the first time your alarm goes off so you don't start the day off rushing. 

Day Two: Go through the day without complaining out loud. When you catch yourself complaining out loud (which you will, because you are not a magician), make sure to say something positive in the next five minutes.

Day Three: Make a playlist of songs that make you happy. Whenever you have to do something boring, like driving to work or doing the dishes, listen to it. Bonus points for singing along extra loud, triple bonus points for dancing along. 

Day Four: Compliment every single person you speak to. Tell the cashier you like her lipstick, compliment the shoes of the guy who holds the door for you, tell your coworker she did a good job on her presentation. Most of the time, making other people happy makes you happy.

Day Five: Buy yourself flowers, or a new candle, or something in your favorite color. Put it somewhere you'll see it several times throughout the day.

Day Six: When you get dressed this morning, only think about what you like. Don't think about what's popular or about what someone else might think of you. Pick your clothes and your shoes and your makeup and everything else based solely on what makes you happy. 

Day Seven: Go for a walk. Alone or with company, with music or without, whatever makes you the happiest. Just make sure to wait until the day cools down so you don't come back grumpier than when you left.

Happy August! Cheers to a month full of happiness.

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