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Monday, September 19, 2016

Big Little Things.

Sometimes life is really great. Sometimes life is really hard. But there are always little things that are a big deal because of how they make you feel. The little bits of happiness in life should be celebrated way more often than they are. Here are some of mine from the last few weeks. 

Fall Candles. Pumpkin. Apple pie. Bonfire. Fall smells so good, and some genius has figured out how to make our houses smell like that, even if we haven't our baked apple pies or made our bonfires yet. Not all heroes wear capes.

Hanging out on the patio while Jack swings and Chris grills dinner. We were doing this and playing cornhole a few days ago and I told him, this is what I always imagined having a house would be like. I still can't believe we actually own a house and it gives me major feels on a weekly basis.

Drinking a pumpkin spice while walking the aisles of Hobby Lobby. Is there any better way to spend an hour entire day?

Downloading an Audible book where the narrator does a really good job reading the story and doesn't have an annoying voice. Also: Listening to a non-fiction book where the narrator reads just as enthusiastically as a fiction book, not just in a monotone. 

Fall porch decorations. I said on instagram that this was 92% of the reason I was excited to have a house, and I'm only 3% exaggerating. Realllllly hoping to keep the mums alive this year, but we'll see. (We'll see = We'll watch and see me slowly kill them).

What are your little things?
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