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Monday, September 26, 2016

From The Cutting Room Floor: September 2016

Let's kick today off with a little story...not for the faint of heart. 

Yesterday, Chris had to work, so I took Jack to church by myself. Sometimes this goes great, and sometimes I barely make it fifteen minutes, but I at least like to try.

He drinks an entire bottle at once (very unusual) as soon as we get there, so I'm thinking, this is great! He's going to fall asleep and I'm actually going to get to stay for the whole service. Oh, sweet, naive Chelsea of yesterday. 

About ten minutes into the sermon, Jack turns towards me and pukes all over me. That alone would have been fine, but then, he turned and released a gyser of vomit all over the floor in front of us. And then, he turns to the poor girl who happened to be unlucky enough to be sitting next to me, and thew up all over her too. 

As if that is not enough, he also yelled/laughed/cried so loud that everyone turned around to look at me and saw the little show he was putting on. I was mortified, and would have loved to just jump up and leave, but I couldn't just leave baby puke everywhere. So instead, I have to try my best to clean it up while Jack is still yelling in the otherwise silent church. I was so embarassed that there were tears in my eyes, but I also couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculousness of it. 

This is how we left church yesterday:

Sunday Funday, am I right?

On to what September looked like through my iPhone.

He may wreak havoc during church, but he sure is sweet.

Can't get over how funny I think this shirt is. I am far too easily amused. 

That's a pumpkin spice latte in that cup. If you were wondering what me living my best life looks like, please refer to the above picture.

This made me cry. I thought it was so perfectly worded.

I found a new favorite coffee shop in town! You can leave a mug with your name on it there, and they'll wash it and use it for your coffee when you come. They have a bulletin board where you can leave a friend a note letting her know you've paid for her next cup of coffee. And, as if those things aren't enough, they sell artwork from local artists and 100% of the proceeds go to rescue children from slavery in South Asia. 

Best buds.

I loved Parenthood. Adored. I miss that show right up there with how much I miss Friday Night Lights and One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls. So after reading this, obviously I watched This is Us. IT'S SO GOOD. Please tell me if you've watched this so we can discuss. 

My little Florida babe.

Christopher was carrying Jack on his shoulders for the first time outside, and Jack was so proud. He kept turning back to see if I was watching!

I MEAN. All of the heart eyes for this one, ever. 

Enjoy the last few days of September, friends!

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