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Friday, October 21, 2016

40 Weeks With Jack: Forty In, Forty Out.

Jack has now been on the outside as long as he was on the inside. This is so crazy to me, and honestly freaks me out a little. Because yes, time flies, but I also feel like Jack has already been around forever! So now when I look back on I think, no wonder it felt like I was pregnant forever...BECAUSE I WAS. 

Moving on. 

Week Thirty-Seven: 

we were just hanging out and watching tv, and boom-you decided you could pull yourself up on your knees // you also starting loving riding on chris' shoulders // you puked everywhere, so we left church life this //just sitting around like a grown up // you're the happiest baby with your toys //just some casual baby yoga. 

my little snuggle buddy // as soon as you could pull yourself up in your crib, you would get SO grumpy if someone didn't come get you immediately. That face. It kills me. // family pool days are my favorite things in this world // the happiest guy in your swing! // you sit up in the grocery cart now, and it makes shopping so much easier! // you outgrew all your clothes, so I obviously bought you a new fall wardrobe that is a billion times cuter than any clothes I will ever own. 

Week Thirty-Eight: 

We went to the beach and had the best day ever. 

the ocean one day // the pumpkin patch the next // and buying hurricane supplies the next day. Florida is weird. // all clean and snuggly after your bath

you get the best bedhead // introducing you to pumpkins // so happy // and one day, you just decided you could stand up. 

Week Thirty-Nine: 

matching, down to the brand of the jeans // my sweet little babe, so snuggly when you're sleepy // now that you're on the move, you love to pull all the books off the shelf. 

Week Forty: 

we've been getting some chilly weather, so you get to swing all bundled up // my little bff // Gatsby thinks he's a human, and you think you're a dog // so happy to be all sunscreened up and going to the pool

I cherish these nighttime cuddles more than I can say // taking your fitness very seriously // can't stop, won't stop buying you clothes with animal ears on them // and so it pull yourself up on anything you can find and stand up. 

There you have it...the fastest and slowest and best 40 weeks of my life. 

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