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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Beach & A Baby.

Ever have one of those days that just slows down time and forces you right into the moment? That was this day for me. It was one of those magical good days that makes all the other bad days a blur that you don't need to think about, because life is so good right now. 

Chris had one of those rare days off, so we loaded up and took off for the beach. I was a little nervous because we've never taken Jack to a beach where we haven't had a house or hotel to run back to if things went awry, but he did so good!

I  know he may one day be the screaming kid disturbing everyone trying to eat lunch, but for now, he just sits and laughs at us while we order fish tacos. It's the best. 

We found a beach with no one on it and spent the entire afternoon there. It was glorious. 

It was a great reminder that sometimes, the best thing you can do is just go. Just leave the messy house and to-do list and laundry that desperately needs to be done and take off on an adventure. Load your people up and soak up the sun and eat ice cream and talk about only good things. 

Because if given the choice between laundry and this view, the laundry is getting left behind every single time.

 A simple trip to the beach brought Jack so much joy. It brought me so much joy. Watching Jack grow to love more and more things is the best. Spending the day with my guys is my favorite.

I may be bummed about the lack of fall weather, but days like this are the reason that I think Florida life is the best life. I'm so thankful my little love will get to grow up a Florida baby. 

Cheers to the most important things in life. Cheers to leaving the mess behind and just going. To spending time with your people. To sunshine and saltwater and seashells. 

Cheers to beaches and babies. 
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