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Monday, October 3, 2016

Spending October: A To-Do List For Adventuring Through The Month.

October is here! We have officially entered into the most magical three months of the year, and I could not be happier. 

1. Make a list of the fun fall things you absolutely have to do. October will fly by, plan that pumpkin patch trip!

2. Get some mums. You might kill them within a week, but they're so pretty! And cheap! 

3. Drink alllll the pumpkin spice lattes. You can also make your own at home!

4. Take tons of fall pictures. Pumpkins, sunflowers, Halloween many good photo-ops. 

5. Go to a pumpkin patch. The excitement level I have over taking Jack to his first ever pumpkin patch is insane. 

6. Buy your pet a costume. You know you want to.

7. Buy your baby (or kid or yourself) a costume. 

8. Carve pumpkins. 

9. Buy a new mug. Preferably in the shape of a pumpkin.

10. Start a new fall tradition with someone you love. 

11. Drink your coffee outside one morning. Under a blanket, if you're lucky enough to live somewhere with fall weather.

12. Read a thriller. I can't watch scary movies, but I LOVE reading a good thriller in October.

13. Decorate your front porch (or balcony).

14. Have a bonfire. Side note: It's so funny how in high school (and even college, really), bonfires were symbols of big parties. Now that I'm older, they're the signature of a great night just sitting around a fire and talking. I kind of like growing up. 

15. Go to a fall fair or festival happening in your town. 

16. Try out one of the new shows that premiered this season. Any suggestions??

17. Get your puppy a pumpkin. Cutest pictures ever, promise.

18. Make soup. I could eat soup for every meal in the fall! 

19. Set out some fall decorations. On the off chance that you didn't decorate on September 1st. 

20. Bake some pumpkin treats. Or apple treats!

21. Get yourself a fall hat. Floppy hats are perfect for fall. Also perfect for not actually doing anything to your hair. 

22. Go to Trader Joe's and try some of their pumpkin-flavored magic. If it tastes good in a pumpkin flavor, TJ's has it. 

23. Start checking the sales section every time you go to the store...with Christmas in mind. Save some money!

24. Throw a candy party.

25. Take advantage of the cooler weather and go on a walk.

26. Go apple-picking.

27. Go on a fall date.

28. Look up some crock-pot recipes. Cozy and easy. Win-win.

29. Buy Halloween candy. If you won't be home on Halloween, set out a bowl of candy for the trick-or-treaters. 

30. Go on a picnic. 

31. Celebrate Halloween! Throw a party or go out or stay in and watch scary movies. Have fun!

How will you be spending your October?

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