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Monday, October 10, 2016

Things I Believe in This Week.

Anyone else have to pause the debate and leave the room several times last night to avoid an anxiety attack? No? Just me? Cool cool. 

Happy Monday! Let's let go of that debate hangover and talk about better things. 

This week, I believe in...

...Taking advantage of time off. I'm still feeling refreshed from our little beach day. It cost money and effort and time and it was worth every single one of those things. Don't spend every day off you get in front of the TV. Don't spend every one catching up on your to-do list. Every now and then, take advantage of your time off and go.

...Celebrating cooler weather. And by celebrate, I mean go for a walk. It is currently 58 degrees here (UNHEARD OF FOR FL OCTOBER) and I am about to take Jack out and soak it all up, because it'll be back to 80 tomorrow.

...Speaking of celebrations, I believe every occasion should be documented with a jib-jab card. Today is my mom's birthday, and you best believe MC Hammer Jack send her a dancing birthday card. 

...So much of life should be about living in the moment. I was having dinner with a friend last night and she said her and her husband had enjoyed a fancy bottle of champagne they were given as a graduation gift. Chris asked her if it was a special occasion, and she said, "yeah, my husband was home from work and we had a night off together." Freaking YES. 

Way too much of life is spent being responsible and planning and waiting. And yes, that's necessary and often good. But if you don't balance that with living in the moment when you can, where's the fun? 

Live in the moment. Make the most of your days off. Go to the beach. Buy the new dress. Drink the expensive champagne. Go for a walk instead of doing the dishes. Follow up your workout with some ice cream. 

Life is short, live it well. That's what I believe in this week. 

What do you believe in this week?

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