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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goodbye November, Hello December.

GUYS. Tomorrow is December! The most magical month of them all. Our tree is up, the Christmas music is playing non-stop, and I've got the most delicious Christmas candles burning. I am ready to welcome December with open arms!

Goodbye, November.

Goodbye to fall.  Ah, the only bad thing about December coming is the end of fall. Goodbye to my first fall with Jack, getting to take him trick-or-treating and to pumpkin patches. 

Goodbye to Thanksgiving. Thanks for teaching me you can be different from tradition and still be wonderful. And also that Jack really really likes turkey. 

Goodbye to Election year. Good. freaking. riddance. 

Goodbye to the worst month of residency yet. I know we will meet again, but I will not miss you one single bit. 

Goodbye to a wonderful month of pumpkin spice lattes and perfectly chilly weather. A month that stretched and exhausted me but a month that filled me to the brim with thankfulness.

Hello, December. 

Hello to my favorite, most magical month of the whole year.

HELLO CHRISTMAS.  Christmas decorations, Christmas music, Christmas movies. 

Hello to Jack's first Christmas. Pure magic. Hello to my first time getting to experience the most wonderful time of the year through the eyes of a child and also having someone to blame my Christmas craziness on. It's for the baby!

Hello to getting to spend my favorite month with my favorite baby and my favorite guy. A month full of tradition and presents and cheer. The best month of them all. 

What are you saying hello and goodbye to this month?

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