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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Our Thanksgiving: Just Us (Plus One)

Every year, the day before Thanksgiving, Chris and I take the night to have our own little celebration. It's one of my very favorite traditions (I've written about it here and here). We always go to Whole Foods (which, if you've never been to Whole Foods the night before's about as crazy as you'd imagine it to be), pretend we're rich, and buy the fanciest dinner. Appetizers, dessert, the works. Then we go home and cook, laugh, and just have the best time ever. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday that centers a lot around family and friends, and I love that so much. But we also love having our own little Thanksgiving, just the two of us. 

That is, until this year. 

This year, we live in Gainesville, where there is sadly not a Whole Foods yet. Fresh Market it was! And, due to residency, we celebrated on a different night than usual. 

Oh, and it wasn't just the two of us this year. 

And it was absolutely perfect. 

Every year I've spent with Chris, I'm so thankful on Thanksgiving. But this year, there just aren't words to say how thankful I am for this life we've built together. 

I'd venture to say that this has been the hardest year of my life so far. I've been stretched and pushed and honestly, run over with a proverbial mac truck on quite a few occasions. Isn't it strange how a year can simultaneously be the best and the hardest? But this is the most thankful thanksgiving I have ever, ever had. 

Happy Thanksgiving, you beautiful people. If you have a significant other in your life, try to take a minute to remind them just how thankful you are for them.

And if you're wondering just how to do that...might I suggest a trip to Whole Foods tonight?
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