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Monday, December 12, 2016

12 Gifts That Will Work for Absolutely Anyone on Your List.

This post was written in collaboration with I received compensation, however, (as you can see in great detail below, ha) all thoughts are my own. I've been a customer myself several times, and I just really like talking about Christmas presents, okay? 

When it comes to people you need to buy gifts for, there are three categories: The people closest to you, who you'll need to get a great gift tailored to what they like, the people who you feel obligated to buy for, so you end up getting them a candle or a gift card, and the people who you want to buy a cool gift for, but you're not super close to them so A) You're not really sure what to get them, and B) You don't want to spend a ton of money. 

My friends, I have come to your rescue. We're talking alllll about that third category today. 

UncommonGoods has an extensive Christmas gift guide for all tastes and price ranges, and I've rounded up twelve gifts that will work for absolutely anyone on your list without seeming cliche and without breaking the bank. So, you're welcome. 

Also, before we get started, I know we all like to feel good about where we're spending our money, especially this time of year. I've shopped here before, but this year I learned two facts that make me feel even better about spending my money here: First, because of their Better to Give program, with every purchase you make, they donate a dollar to a non-profit of your choice. So far they've donated over 1 million dollars to charities all around the world. Secondly, the CEO is incredibly passionate about fair wages, and because of that, the lowest paid seasonal worker starts at 50% above minimal wage. I love that. 

Now that we know we're dealing with good people, let's get to the good stuff: Presents. 

Craft beer flight: How cute is this? It's way more personal than a six pack and some beer glasses, and if you have friends who enjoy trying out different beers, it's perfect. Every time we're at World of Beer I say I really want to steal one of these, but I guess purchasing one as a Christmas gift works too. 

Grilled cheese maker: Grilled cheese is something we all have in common. If you are single and you live alone, you probably make grilled cheese for yourself. If you are married, you probably beg your spouse to make you grilled cheese after a late night (just me?). If you have kids, you probably make grilled cheese for them. Therefore, this gift works for anyone. 

No-break pasta pot and strainer: Let me tell you a little bit about how making spaghetti goes at my house: Step one: Break the pasta so it all fits in the pan. Send about a fourth of the noodles flying across the room when you do this, causing a giant mess. Step 2) Boil. Step 3) Pour from the pot into a strainer, both burning yourself AND sending almost half of your pasta down the drain. Step 4) Wonder how you ended up with so little pasta. This gift solves all of those problems. It is genius. 

Parlor ice cream mixing setThis is, quite possibly, the coolest gift I have ever seen. You know in high school, you would go to Cold Stone or Marble Slab and order your favorite ice cream with all these goodies mixed in and it was heavenly? And then you'd come home and try to recreate it, but you couldn't because you didn't have one of those fancy slabs with the fancy spoons? WELL NOW YOU CAN. 

Bubble wrap calendarI like gifts that make me laugh when I open them. This fits the bill, and I would totally use it. I would probably also only make it a week before I popped them all, but hey, such is life. 

City map glass: Give this gift so your friend can think of their hometown (and you!) every time they pour themselves a drink. 

College dish towel: Have a friend that still reminisces about their college days? These adorable towels with details about different colleges are perfect. 

Flavor fusion water bottle: January is coming up, which means a new year, which means resolutions. AKA most of us will be trying to get healthier and work out more and drink more water. Making this the perfect gift, because plain water is just boring. My mom would love this. If yours wouldn't, you can see more gifts for moms on the uncommon goods gift guide.

Phonesoap smartphone sanitizer: Lets be honest, we probably all need this. But this is especially perfect for people who work in healthcare or with small children. I want to buy this for every mom I know who let's their sick kids play on their phones. If your friends aren't mom friends, check out almost 1,000 more gifts for women by clicking here.
Collar stay punchOn two different occasions, I've bought my husband nice, engraved collar stays. And do you know which ones he uses almost 90 percent of the time? Neither. He uses the plastic ones that come with the shirt. With this, you could make plastic collar stays out of sentimental things...maybe you paid off that credit card you ran up in college and you're feeling proud (and rich). Or you could use a hotel key from a memorable vacation. 
Bluetooth tracking tagThe best gifts are the ones you'd never buy yourself, but also really need. Would I ever buy a tracking tag for myself? Probably not. But do I constantly lose my keys and really need one? Most definitely. 
Takeout bowls: Last but not least, these are perfect for your friend who could live off of Chinese takeout (AKA me). I think the idea of eating out of the takeout containers is fun, but last time I put one in the microwave, it caught on fire. These seem much safer. 
Who do you need to shop for that has you stumped? 
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