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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Remember What it's All About: Stop & Savor.

The season of life I'm in right now forces me to stop and savor things while simultaneously reminding me of just how difficult that can be. Every single day is full of a thousand moments I want to remember forever, and every single day is full of busyness and work and stress that make it hard to slow down and do just that. 

Christmas season is my favorite season of all. Christmas with Jack is my favorite thing I've ever had. I want to enjoy the craziness of it all, not rush my way through it. 

Cherishing the moment doesn't come naturally to everyone all the time. Sometimes, especially during busy seasons like this, we have to consciously make a decision to savor it. Working out takes effort. Being good at your job takes effort. Growing a blog following takes effort. I put effort into all of those things, and I'm going to put effort into this. I hope you join me. Because these moments are so worth savoring. 

So that's what I'm going to do. For the next twelve days, I'm going to slow down and savor all the good parts. I'm going to sit on the couch and drink hot chocolate, I'm going to watch Christmas movies with Jack. I'm going to walk around the neighborhood and look at all the lights. And, because I love the hustle and bustle as much as I love the peace and quiet, I'll join the chaos that is Christmas shopping at the mall. I'll frantically wrap and mail presents. I'll enjoy it all. I'll worry a little less about having the perfect holiday and a little more about just enjoying the moment as it is. 

So here's your reminder: Slow down. Be present. Enjoy the chaos and the quiet, the frantic and the calm.

Twelve more days until Christmas. Cheers to making some good memories.  
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