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Friday, January 6, 2017

7 Months a Homeowner! (And a Tuft & Needle Update)

I'm not joking when I say that sometimes when I wake up in the morning and go fix a cup of coffee, it still feels like I am on vacation. I mean, it's a vacation where I have a really long to-do list and a house to clean and I have to work, but still. I guess that's what happens when you go from living in a studio to having your own house. A few things that are different (and contribute to feeling like a vacation): 

Jack has his own room. I think sometimes when I say studio, people think I mean a nice little one-bedroom apartment. I do not. I mean one room...period. Jack slept in our room, which happened to also be the living room, which happened to also be the kitchen. It was a square. A square with a nice view and great amenities, but a square. Being able to wake up and turn on lights and get coffee and make noise without waking Jack up is the best. 

I don't get irrationally angry when it's time to pay rent. Sure, paying the mortgage isn't my favorite thing in the world to do. But knowing it's going towards something that is actually mine makes a big difference. See also: The mortgage we pay for an entire house with a backyard is less than $100 more than the rent we paid for that one room. Just let that sink in for a second. 

I have an office. Technically it's our office, but Chris lives at the hospital does all his work at the hospital, and there's a pink couch in there, so I'm calling it mine. After two years of cranking out blogs sitting in bed in the same room someone was watching TV in, having an entire room to get work done in is just glorious. 

You can leave the dishes and the laundry. You know how sometimes people say, "the laundry will wait" in regards to focusing on what's really important? Well, that's not true in a studio. The laundry will not wait, because it's sharing a room with you. The dishes will also not wait unless you want to wake up sleeping next to your dinner from last night. Being able to leave the dishes in the sink until morning or close the door on that mountain of laundry feels like a mini-vacation. 

PS: If you live in a studio, I'm not hating on you. I adored it for the first year we lived there. It was when Jack was born and the three of us were all in one room that things started feeling a little cramped. 

Speaking of house stuff, I wanted to give a little update on that magic mattress I blogged about a few months ago. Tuft & Needle sent me a mattress in exchange for a review, and I know that sometimes in blogging, sponsored posts can come across a bit, "hmm, really?" Especially when someone mentions some life-changing product and then never mentions it again. So, in the spirit of authenticity, I wanted to give a quick update. 

similar mug is. still. amazing. I am not kidding when I say that Chris and I talk at least once a week about how great this mattress is (and I feel like that isn't really a normal conversation to have, ya know?). I tell everyone about it, so much so that people probably think I'm in some crazy MLM matress scheme, but it's seriously just that good.

You know how sometimes you sleep at a nice hotel or a rich aunt's house, and the bed is so magical and you wake up feeling so good, and then you go back home to your bed and it's a bummer? That is the opposite of what happens over here. Anywhere else I sleep, I come home and it's like I'm in a hotel. And if the mom of an 11-month-old is raving about what good sleep she is getting, trust me, you want to listen to her. 

My fanatic feelings have nothing to do with getting paid to blog (No, Tuft & Needle checks are not regularly showing up in my mailbox in exchange for me raving about my mattress to anyone who will listen), it's really just that good. I've made it a goal to only partner with companies who are worth it and trust me, this mattress is worth it. But don't worry, I'm sure I'll remind you a solid fifty times before the year is over.
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What's your favorite thing about where you live right now?
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