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Monday, January 9, 2017

8 Things to Say Yes to This Year.

1. Assuming the best about yourself. Why wouldn't that company email you back and want to work with you? Why wouldn't you be amazing at a new hobby if you tried? I think we are so often guilty of shattering our own self-esteem without even realizing it, simply because our first reaction is I'm probably not good enough. Do yourself a favor and assume the best about yourself. 

2. Trying one more time. Halfway through the 21-day fix and ready to give up? Try one more day. Overwhelmed by your to-do list and ready to throw it in the trash and watch Netflix all day? Do one more thing. Exhausted by a relationship that seems to be headed for doom? Reach out and listen one more time. When you come to the end of yourself, try one more time. There's a lot of power in being completely ready to quit and then being the one to tell yourself, "nope, not yet." 

3. Learning what works for you. There are so many trends that sweep the internet that some are bound to not work for you. Minimalism works for some people and it doesn't work for some people. Quitting a job to travel the world is exactly what some people need and the worst choice others could make. Hot yoga is therapeutic for one group of people but makes another group want to drown in a milkshake. And on, and on, and on. Focus on getting to know yourself and learning what works for you, that way you don't find yourself in Wal-Mart at 1:00 AM because you threw away your coffee maker in a rage of, "This doesn't bring me joy!" 

4. Date nights. And not just with your significant other. Make time for people! Do you know why you get so close to people in college? Because you spend so much time with them. I met my best friend in college and it took us about three weeks to get to that level because we were constantly having date nights. And by date nights I mean the cafeteria was closed, so we'd go to taco bell and eat it in bed while we talked about The Bachelor. Date nights (or days) don't have to be well thought out or expensive. Grab a frozen dinner from Trader Joe's and head to your friend's house. Go see a movie with your brother. Invite your mom over for coffee. Enjoy yourself and their company. 

5. Making your life a place you like to be. Cliff notes version: you have a lot more control over your life than you might think. Use it to make your life a place you enjoy being. 

6. Connecting with people. Relationships take effort, but they're also the best part of this life. So make the effort. Respond to texts and meet up for coffee and say yes to collaborations and stay up late exchanging stories. Make room for people. It's always going to be easier not to, and you will always have a (usually very valid) excuse not to. But do it anyway.

7. Visiting new places. For some people, this means getting a good deal on a last minute plane ticket to visit a new country for the week. For others, it means forgoing their usual restaurant and trying somewhere new for dinner. Find the edge of your comfort zone, step over it just a little bit, and know that your favorite Mexican restaurant will be there to take you back if the new place sucks. 

8. Taking breaks. Real, actual breaks. Setting aside the day to clean the house is not a break. A day at home to catch up on work is not a break. You need real breaks. So whether you have the luxury of taking whole days (do it!) or just 10 minutes here and there, give yourself a break. A real one. 

What will you be saying yes to this year?

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