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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bouncing Back From a Bad Day.

Yesterday was just one of those days. I woke up motivated, made a great to-do list, worked out, and was on track to get stuff done. And then it happened, as all good days turning bad thing at a time. I got a horrible headache. Jack is teething (dude, this kid has SO many teeth but is somehow teething again) which meant he was super clingy and was going to cry no matter what I did, my to-do list kept getting longer,  and just a hundred little things were going wrong.

6:00 found me sitting on the couch zoned out, anxious by how little I had gotten done, frustrated with myself for how tired I was (side note-do you ever get mad at yourself for being tired? HOW DUMB), and feeling like I had failed the day for one or two big reasons, but mostly for a hundred little reasons. 

Then, it was not my teething baby who kept me up all night, but a mysterious beeping noise in my house and a shrieking dog. So I woke up today with a bad day hangover. You know the kind. But how stupid would it be if I let a bad day yesterday mean a bad day today (which would, of course, turn into a bad day tomorrow)? Easy, yes. But also very stupid. 

So if you're with me, and maybe you've had a bad day recently, or you're just in a funk and want to get out of it, here's what I think we should do:

Have a cup (or three) of coffee. The good kind. The kind with the creamer that's bad for you, but is so delicious. 

Get out of the house. Go for a walk. Go to Target. Go to the airport and buy a plane ticket (just kidding) (or not). 

Write down everything you need to do. The cut it down to what you can realistically get done today. Sometimes having everything in front of you really does help. 

Plan something fun to look forward to. We'll be going on a vacation this summer, so I have a Pinterest board for planning that. I have no idea where we'll go, but you can bet that I know all the cute outfits I'm going to wear and the fun pictures I'm going to take while we're there. It's just fun to plan. 

Remember the good side of everything that has you down. My house is messy, but I have a house! It's really hard to get work done with a teething one-year-old, but my goodness do I love him more than anything. I'm way behind on writing, but I know I can catch up. I really thought I'd see better results from working out by now, but I'm stronger and feel better than I have in a long time. See how this game works? It's worth it to force yourself to acknowledge the positive of everything. 

Indulge in something small (aka cheap). Do you know what can instantly turn any bad day around for me? Going shopping. I know this may sound shallow, but I love shopping, and I love buying stuff. Buuuuut it's a dangerous game to fix all your bad days that way. And alas, I am not rich, so I've gotta save the retail therapy for the really bad days, ya feel?
Find something small (or easy, or cheap) that you know cheers you up. For me, I walk over to the pool during Jack's naptime. I park him in the shade and I sit in the sun and drink something fun while reading a few chapters in a book. Currently obsessed with this drinkand also this onebecause it taste like a cherry limeade but with no calories?!  To make things even happier, I bought myself pretty much a year's supply of those flamingo straws because how can you have a bad day with one of those? You can't. (PS: those are affiliate links. Disclosure here). It's the little things. 

Cheers to turning any and all bad days around. Tell me your secrets to doing that!  
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